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In a double breasted army green button down, Chris Harrison shows off his casual side, complementing the shirt with off-white, loose fitting linen pants. He shows the boys where they will be staying for the next week and fills them in on the dates. As the camera scans the boys, I just about had a panic attack when I saw a flash of William’s maroon graphic V-neck shirt sparking, but it was just a trick on my eyes caused by the mixture of sunlight and the camera angle. PHEW!!!!!!

It’s still a little too much detail for a man to be wearing on a basic tee, but I’ll let it slide. What I won’t let slide is watching these boys cheering, clapping, and squealing as they run into the house like a bunch of chicks. I can just hear what’s going through their heads with the excitement of a new place to stay…”I hope Nick spoons me” or “I wonder if Mickey likes Constantine better then me” or “I wonder if the camera angle makes my butt look big” Yes- I gathered all that and judged them solely on their rather giddy entrance to their new pad. Of course, pictured above, are Ryan and William leading the “girls.”

Ben F., you are focused on fixing your hair and I am focused on fixing your wardrobe. This cherry red polo made me a bit nauseous and besides, it clashes with Ashley’s bright pink tank top. Way to mess it up. Now you DEFINITELY don’t look like a couple…hahaha jk.

Ashley states, “The more I get to know Ben, the harder he becomes.” Ahem. eeeeem. Excuse me, something in my throat. But that did sound a little sexual. And yes, I’m well aware that I need to grow up. Ashley then says, “So much tension is building up, I just want to jump on him. Rarrrr.” Yes, please do. And when you do, please rip that terrible red polo off of him. Ben wore another awful shirt at dinner, but I will say, despite this Pocahontas John Smith top, Ashley would be wise to keep him. He is a very genuine man who speaks well and loves hard.

Ashley is setting trends in her Floral romper. This is the perfect look for a casual dinner in Thailand! Small floral print is huge right now on skirts, corsets and dresses. This particular style of romper is super hip as it cinches at the waist, flows through her thighs and cinches again at the calf. I think Ben got the rose? I don’t know, I was too busy googling rompers and trying to figure out where she got this. GETZSTYLE TIP: Don’t get too upset with me for my polo bashing. I’m well aware that there is a large number of women out there who like their man in a polo. Every man in America wears them whether it’s to work or on the golf course. I happen to think older men (50 or older) look cute in them. I’m just not a fan of a young men wearing them when this world has so much more to offer. Take my advice and wear solid t-shirts, button downs, or Henleys as an alternative.

Group Date:
Who is Blake? He just keeps popping into the scene and I didn’t even know he existed. What a nice surprise – little hottie! Obviously Ashley looks bangin’ with her tight little body and cute sporty outfit. She gets to watch hot men get sweaty and prepare for a fight. I mean, COME ON!!!!! Lucky little girl. Lucas and Blake looked like a high school bitch fight, Mickey and JP gave me goose bumps in awkward places (What the Hot!), Constantine and Nick dumbed it out, and Ames got hurt. Ames is obviously in pain as he struggles to talk to Ashley in the ambulance. He is so out of it, and I honestly feel bad for him. He signed up to fall in love, not to fall into a boxing ring and get the crap beat out of him. I’m proud of Ames for being a man and admitting he needed to go to the hospital. I think he looked cuter then ever when he showed up to the cocktail party completely out of it and still able to make a few jokes. I REALLY like Ames for Ashley at this point. Lucas claims, “Ames was all Harvard and Yale growing up, while I was busy fighting in the streets.” Come on, Lucas. Maybe you were busy fighting your my little ponies against each other on the edge of your parent’s suburban driveway, but for real, let’s be honest. Where did you grow up….the Mickey Mouse ghetto? Not fooling me, pretty boy.

At the cocktail party, Ashley wears a black dress full of scattered ruffles baring her arms, back and sexy legs. The off shoulder neckline shows off her delicate collar bones while all the subtle detail gives depth and texture to the dress. What a great way to spice up a little black dress! Trendy, edgy, and flirty.

Before we move on, I’d like to point out Ryan’s short sleeve, plaid button down as he points out his bruises to Ashley. As I’ve said in the past, this look can go terribly wrong. Ryan did a great job picking out the right fit, color and style. I believe this is RVCA wear, which is a great brand for young men. A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO A POLO.

I would like to commend all the guys on this group date as they all dressed casual and their looks fit the Thailand vibe, i.e., Mickey in white linen pants and a woven. Nice work, guys!

Ashley, Ben C., and William
William’s obvious jokes are becoming exhausting. Note: If you want to make comedy your side gig, please make sure you can at least make your mom laugh. (Sympathy laughs don’t count. Recognize the difference between the two)

Living in LA, I meet “comedians” every day who are anything but funny. On an unrelated note, William and the Weatherman remind me so much of each other. Both cute little nuggets:) I feel so bad for Ben C. Ridiculous. He was probably just “dude chatting” with the other guys. Men talk about other girls all the time whether they are married or not. It’s in their nature and obviously Ben was just being a dude and meant nothing by it. It’s not like he wouldn’t have Ashley as his first choice! I can’t believe William broke David Good’s “Man Code” and made Ben look malicious when he is obviously into her. Ben could have been Ashley’s man. Ladies, understand that a guy needs to talk like a guy. They say stuff behind our backs that could make our heads spin. That’s why we never hear it, and that’s what keeps them the manly men we love.

At the cocktail party, I spy JP in a Pink shirt, black tie, and black pants. Oh, right, AND A BROWN BELT!!! WHAT THE…..???? There are ways to pair brown and black and you couldn’t be further from any of them. JP, I won’t hold this minor mishap against you, because you are the best dressed male in the house and you got extra points for sporting aviator style sunglasses today. I’m going to go with…maybe you were drunk when you got dressed? Maybe an Elephant ate your black belt? Maybe William drugged your drink to sabotage you? I’ll sit on this one. (That’s what she said)

Nick, homeboy, we are engaged on Twitter, but I need to call it off unless you promise to never, ever, ever, never, ever again bust out the color block dress shirt. A solid white collar with a blue-bodied shirt is not OK. Is there something weird going on in Florida? Some sort of fashion strike? Are you guys just trying to piss me off? Anyway, I didn’t even like that look when it was popular in 1999. I sincerely do still love you and this is the only fashion mistake you have made. Let’s please stay engaged, thanks.

As Chris Harrison lines the guys up for the rose ceremony and the camera scans them all, I can’t help but feel as though the Easter bunny took a gigantic pastel colored poo on them.

Kudos to Mickey and Ames for being the sexiest dressed men at the ceremony with their vests.

Ashley nailed it yet again with another flirty, sexy, LBD. This style of dress resembles Betsey Johnson’s designs, which I LOVE! The sweetheart neckline dips lower then normal on her chest and sits low beneath her armpits, creating a very flattering look. Great job, Ashley! I have to disagree with your decision tonight, however, because there are a few there that in my opinion are nowhere near “Nick status.” I won’t name names, but I would have sent Lucas home.

Remember, you can always buy fashion, but style is something you must possess!


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