Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: Episode 6


This week on Days Of Our Lives, er, The Bachelorette: Hong Kong!

Bentley is back! I’m excited for two reasons: 1.) He makes great TV! Come on, we love to hate him; 2.) If Ashley doesn’t get closure, this would be an unsuccessful season. The producers know Bentley has no intentions to get together with her after filming. Bentley is so full of charm it’s irritating. He even answered the door with a cute, “who is it?” He knew who it was, obviously, but was just trying to be cute. Darn it, totally worked.

I also have to add, even though I dislike him for using his daughter as an excuse, that Bentley has some great style.

GETZSTYLE TIP: Guys, keep it basic. When I say “style,” I don’t mean go out and buy skinny jeans, designer shoes and expensive designer clothes with fancy detail. I like a man who dresses cool, yet down to earth. Bentley layered a basic crew neck t-shirt over a long sleeve white waffle shirt. This is super sexy– to me that is. I’m a fan of a guy who dresses carefree, doesn’t necessarily know fashion, and yet dresses simple. Being from the Midwest, I adore a guy who doesn’t try, but makes the basics look great! Nice work Bentley, you (*&^%.

Anyway, I’m so proud of Ashley for putting her foot down and calling him out on not being man enough to be honest with her. It’s refreshing to see Ashley show her strong side, swearing at him and calling him out on coming to Hong Kong for a free vacation. Bentley, how can you sit there and lie straight to her face? You are glad that you two are on the same page? And what page is that exactly, the “I’m trying to get air time by acting ridiculous” page? Grow up dude! Oh, um, but keep that style up. Anyway, dot dot dot, on to more important things…

Now that Ashley has closure by putting Bentley in the past, she is ready to move on and give her heart to another man. Lucas is going on a date with Ashley…I don’t get it. If I were the bachelorette, I would have taken JP on another 1-on-1 date. It would piss some boys off, but if I was really looking for love, I’d make sure to spend the most time with the guy I feel most connected to. At this point, I think her biggest connections are with Ames, JP, and Ben F.

Lucas states, “I’m ready for this date, because we have been dating and hanging out for a while now.” No comment. Jeeeeez! Hong Kong is waiting patiently for 2 people to fall in love. Ashley and Lucas walk hand in hand to the harbor for dinner.

I can’t help but give Ashley the good old creepy “up and down.” Her outfit is timeless and classic, very perfect for this date. With her Pashmina shawl draped around her shoulders, Ashley puts pink to work. She utilized this loud colored scarf as a statement piece by keeping the rest of her wardrobe neutral. Her off white, sheer blouse is adorable on her bronzed skin, with ruffled short sleeves. Not many of us can pull off white skinny jeans, but leave it to Ashley to still look like a rail while wearing them! GETZSTYLE Tip: If you are ever in a situation where you think you have absolutely nothing to wear, think again. Wear your favorite pair of jeans, a basic plain tank or top, a great pair of flats or heels, and a loud colored scarf or purse. Statement pieces are something we all have and they can pull us out of that bind we all get in when we feel our closet is empty. For instance, I am heading out tonight and I haven’t had a chance to do laundry since my travels. I’m wearing straight leg jeans (cuffed a few times), a white tank top, suspenders (for some edge), my favorite heels, and a bright colored checkered scarf. This look is easy, and it will make my scarf really pop! If you aren’t a scarf fan, choose a large handbag! Oh, right, so Lucas gets the rose. Yawn. #BringBackTheMask

Ashley perfected the perfect casual beach look! With this look, she can easily transform from casual to bikini ready. Her shirt is styled around her tiny little waist, baring her midriff and black bikini tip. Her gaucho pants look comfortable and appropriate considering the activities that lie in front of her. As she announces that the twins will lead one team, and Ryan and Blake will lead the other, I can’t help but notice Blake and Ames’ attire.

I know, I know…you all get it. I HATE polos on guys under 40, unless they are golfing or working. However, Blake’s polo at least fits him well and the cut and style are very current (no tightening at the base of the short sleeve, and it has that “worn” look), so it looks more youthful than most. (Unlike Ben F’s bright red polo that looks like it came from the 80’s– gross. I’m still having emotional issues over that one; however, my therapist seems to think I’ll be okay.)

Ames is my boy! He wore my favorite style of shirt for a guy! A plaid woven button down, cuffed at the sleeves to show off his brooding forearms, and unbuttoned just enough so we can get a sneak peak at his toned torso. Guys, try Urban Outfitters or G Star Raw for a cool looking plaid button down. Don’t get me started on Mickey’s pale purple polo…I’ve had enough stress tonight with the two I’ve already seen. BTW– Ryan looks ridiculously hot with his scruff growing in. Come here Ryan, come sit on Aunt Natalie’s lap. (I say that with the creepiest voice imaginable.)

While Ryan is recruiting his team, he asks some locals in an English accent, “Hello. Do you speak any English?” I about spit out my Pinot Gringo, I was laughing so hard! Ahahahahaha!

If the twins want to win, then why are they trying to recruit a team full of tiny, petite women?! What the…! Okay, so Ben and Constantine just gained triple bonus points by deciding to quit recruiting people and go shopping, so that at least they can go out in style. THIS. IS. AMAZING. Ben says he felt empowered as he walked down in his red kimono!

SEE?! Style gives you CONFIDENCE! Thank you, twins, for helping me interpret the importance of style. Their red robes are what got them a team! It even got Ames all riled up! They shook up their opponents by getting in their heads with some serious Hong Kong style;) Holy cow, this is the most hilarious group date ever! They are shouting “idiot” on accident! There HAD to have been some bar crawling during the red dragon recruitment process.

Is Ames wearing a polo under a button down? Is this seriously happening to me? Even Ralph Lauren would be disappointed. Why, Ames? I’ve never seen something so absolutely horrendous in my entire life. The polo underneath is glaringly noticeable and inexcusable. Well thanks, Ames, for helping me lose weight. I was about to eat dinner, but you single handily have caused me to lose my appetite. I can’t believe this. Be back in 10, I’m hyperventilating. ________ (long pause, deep breaths)________This is the longest date ever, so much so that I can’t even discuss Ben F’s awful outfit. Really, Ben? You just keep setting up scenarios for me to rail on you simply due to your selection of clothes. Ryan gets the rose, probably because he is so hot. It can’t be because he is cool.

JP is so adorably innocent when he finds out he is going on another one on one date;) Yes, some guys haven’t gotten a one on one yet, but this isn’t grade school sports. Not everyone gets equal playing time. Love is not fair, and I’m proud of Ashley for going with her heart. Poor JP always gets the one-on-one date after Bentley pays disappointing visits to Ashley!

They have an emotional breakthrough on their date, and I got a little emotional as well with Jordan Paul’s white, long sleeve button down. He once again styled this shirt so perfectly. JP is a modern day James Dean! The subtle, pinstripe pattern took his basic white woven to a more hip level. These two are the real deal…I could see it before Ashley even could. She looked at JP with more sincerity and trust then she did with Bentley even when Bentley was still around.

Are we watching the Bachelor or the Bachelorette? These guys are acting like a bunch of girls right now! Yes, us girls are emotional, which makes us better human beings than males. Men are supposed to be thick-skinned and rational. Anyway, the ladies discuss how upset they are about Bentley’s return. I wonder if they are all on the same cycle? What brand of Tampons do you think they use? Hmmmmm. Curious. Cool and collective, JP and Ryan are consoling Ashley and both, coincidentally, have roses. When the ever-so-gorgeous Mickey left voluntarily, it made me really sad:( Now who is the eye candy? You can tell he bonded with the guys as they rush to say goodbye, all seemingly sad. Mickey must be a good dude! He looks hotter then ever as he boats away from Ashley’s heart in a black on black suit/shirt combo.

Ashley’s dress is so ridiculously sexy and gorgeous that even I am feeling a connection to her at this point.

The split v-neck neckline is insanely hot! Ashley has the perfect body to make this neckline look sexy, while someone with extremely large cannons could make it look scandalously tasteless. The shimmer on the dress is causing such an iridescent glare. Everything about her looks great tonight, from the dazzling bangle on her wrist, to her loosely tousled up-do. Smell ya later Blake, something tells me you will be just fine:)

During this next week, try to “address” every situation with style and class.