Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: Episode 9

Ashley looks Fiji ready in her colorful print, high-waisted skirt. Choosing a plain white tank to accompany the skirt, she really made this detailed mini stand out. Ashley’s waist is no bigger than my right index finger, and she really showed that off by belting the skirt at the small of her waist.

Ryan and Ashley:

Ashley: “Ry!” Ryan: “Ash!” Watching these two talk reminds me of all the Sweet Valley High books I read in college. I mean 6th grade. I totally don’t read them anymore (phew). Uh, so anyway, as Ry and Ash continue to make me nauseous with their “bad ass” nicknames for each other, I begin to wonder how much I can abbreviate the name of every guy I’m interested in, in an attempt to see if this cheese works (not going to happen).

Ry: I’ve been devastated since you broke up with me after our first date.
Ash: Aw, Ry, grow a pair.
Ry: But, I traveled all this way to become the next Bachelor, I mean, win you back!
Ash: Oh Ry, just join Natalie Getz’s new website, and you will meet someone great in your area in no time. Get weekly newsletters from Natalie on topics such as style, beauty and general dating advice.
(Editor note: Pan out camera on Ryan staring at Ashley and Constantine in a Helicopter as he leans his body over the railing).
End Scene

Ashley and Ben:

After Ashley and Ben reenact a scene I once read in a Danielle Steel novel, she un-straddles him and jumps up to lead him to dinner allowing me to notice her adorable booty in boy cut bikini bottoms. Red looks great on Ashley! Ben chose some sweet multicolored swim trunks himself! Being a California boy, Ben better know what’s up in men’s swimwear. Ben thanks Ashley for all of her hard work, and then, with a giggle, she thanks him for all of his “hard” work (cough).

Ashley tells Ben, “you are such a stud tonight!” as we see him enter the evening portion of their date dressed in what appears to be clothing he stole from a cartoon Disney character. Somewhere, Gaston is running around naked searching for Bell. Ashley loves his style, so hey, to each their own! I think Ben looks best topless, but that goes without saying. Also, have we talked about Ben’s haircut yet? He looks 15 million times hotter than he already was. I love everything about Ben, just not his threads.

The second I saw Ashley’s long yellow Maxi dress tie dyed with grey and white at the bottom, I started going crazy wondering where I can find it! This is super adorable and yet so sexy. She is certainly dressing herself with Fiji inspiration. Her love for Fiji is showing through her style. I noticed Ashley is wearing barely any makeup on this date, and that is when she definitely looks her best.

Ashley and Constantine:

I love this hippie style, midriff bearing, draw string tank Ashley is wearing! The ruffles give the risky top some innocence and the button details and cinched waist make it flirty and cute. She obviously has the body to rock it and her super short shorts hit her low at the waist flattering her in the best way. Here we go with the whole metaphorical “leap of faith” line as these two jump off a cliff into the beautiful waters of Fiji.

THIS IS SPARTA! Constantine cuts through the water like a Spartan would in the movie, “300.” He already impressed me with a short sleeve, grey and white baseball tee at the beginning of the date, and now his freestyle swim moves are flat out turning me on. Men take note: baseball t-shirts work wonders for your shoulders. If you are broad shouldered like Constantine, this style will draw our eyes to them. If you are narrow shouldered, this style will make you appear broader than you are.

Constantine is styled perfectly for Fiji in a white linen short sleeve button down and Ashley looks fantastic on his arm in a coral oversized boyfriend cut dress belted at the waist to give it shape. After a very serious and respectful conversation, Constantine bounced out on their date like a bad check I once wrote in college (sorry, K-Mart).

Ashley and JP:

I LOVE JP’s style! His clothes always fit him correctly, and he styles himself perfectly. He unbuttoned just a few buttons at the top of his light blue button down, and cuffed his sleeves up to add a casual appeal to his look. Ashley and JP are clearly head over heals for each other, poor Ben. There was not a lot of fashion to talk about on this date…so…yeah.

These episodes are hard to blog in regards to fashion, because the closer we get to fantasy suites the less clothing we see. For those of you who saw the outtake, Ben should have just licked her toe. It concerns me that this is going to play a huge role in her decision next week. That stuff is important, obviously. I would never marry someone who doesn’t like the taste of toe jam. I’m out! Later guys! I’m beyond excited for the Men Tell All next week. Bring on the drama.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent


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