Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: Finale

During Brad’s season, I fell in love with Ashley’s family.  They are so much fun and full of energy!  I think they should have their own TV show, especially after seeing how real and honest Ashley’s sister can be on camera.  I said this last season and I’ll say it again…I wish I could pull off sleeve tattoos the way Ashley’s sister can!  She has the style, swag, and confidence to rock these tattoos with taste and class!  Not a lot of people can pull this off, but it comes down to the entire package from her hair to her jewelry and style.

Ashley looks refreshed and ready in white shorts and a light beige Juliet, tunic style blouse.  By choosing to tuck it in sloppy and not wear a belt, she certainly styled herself current to trend.  Can we have belts through the loops for girls in 2011?  No.  Maybe in a rare occasion, but just don’t try it at home.

Ashley and JP:

I sincerely feel so bad for Ashley as she tries to take in her sister’s opinion of JP.  I’m so happy that she is being honest with Ashley, because this is the rest of her life we are talking about here.  My sisters would do the same exact thing if they felt someone wasn’t right for me.  It sucks when you want to be with someone so bad and your family/friends don’t agree with it.  She needs to stick with her heart, because at the end of the day, she knows JP more than anyone in her family.  JP is meeting his lover’s family for the first time…and on camera in front of millions.  It’s not a fair read for her sister to gauge in this type of environment.  Even though I am glad Ashley’s sister is being honest and protective of her, I disagree with the comparison to Brad.  I started crying for JP, poor guy. :(  That was an unnecessary comment.  She is a tough one!

Ashley’s step dad won the GetzStyle award during Brad’s season on hometown dates, and he is holding his title high with a relaxed style in an opened up button down over a plain white crew neck T and light grey cargo shorts.  Last season he was rocking a country western woven!  He knows what’s up!

Date:  I am so impressed with JP.  He is sticking to his ground and fighting for Ashley like none other.  He is so in love with her, but who wouldn’t be? He could easily take advantage of the situation by not fighting for her, and in turn become the next Bachelor.  He is 100% here for the right reasons and is so in love.  This is an adorable conversation. :)  Ashley is mature beyond her years, so an older guy who can take care of her is just what she needs.

Ashley and Ben:

Ashley has great, casual style once again in an oversized purple and white tie dye deep v-neck.  The material is light and the style is cut just right so that it hangs on her body, flowing smoothly through her torso.  Ben hits it off with the family, showing his goofy side.  Ashley and Ben could keep each other entertained for years, and now I totally see what her sister is talking about.  I think JP is different than Ashley, but that’s okay. She is super hyper and a total ball of energy, so maybe she needs a mellow JP.  I am just like Ashley, which is why I tend to date super chill guys.  It just works better that way.  Ben would make a great next Bachelor!


“You look so cute,” Ashley gushes as she meets Ben for their date.  He DOES look cute!  I love his hip straw hat and trendy swim trunks!  Short board shorts are making a comeback with males, especially in California.  Not everyone can pull off this look, but Ben sure does!  He is a different, unique guy who has his own style and presence.  I don’t agree with all of his attire, but every now and then he impresses me big time.  I still can’t get over how hot Ben looks with a haircut!  I think women everywhere might be getting yelled at by their husbands due to their drooling over Ben.  As Ben put it, yes, “lubing” each other up in the mud is quite “erotic.”  He is cracking me up!  But, uh, yeah…they are totally going where the cameras aren’t around after this. There’s no way can you be in love, in a mud bath, rubbing each other, and not want to be naughty.  If I were in her shoes, I would be freaking out.  I’m not okay with nature, and I have no problem admitting that.  I’d prefer a man made mud bath. WOW – these two are in LOVE.  I am worried that issues will arise when JP watches this episode.  Most Bachelors and Bachelorettes have far more chemistry with the one that they pick, but Ashley is in a tough situation where she is definitely in love with two guys.


I know Sue Wong when I see it!  This is hands down my absolute favorite dress worn by any Bachelorette during a proposal!  Sue Wong is an incredible designer who pays attention to detail like none other.  All of her gowns are unique and hand made.  Notice the placement of the intricate beading and feathers at the base of this gown.  SO GORGEOUS!  I had the privilege of meeting Sue Wong during fashion week LA a few months ago.  She invited me to her show room where I got to pick out a gown of my choice to wear to her fashion show.  This is my industry, so you can only imagine how excited I was.  Find Sue Wong at Nordstrom, Saks 5th Ave., and Bloomingdales. :)

The mermaid style gown hugs Ashley through the torso and bodice allowing the base of the gown to flow as she walks in the breeze.  The sweetheart neckline and added spaghetti straps for support and style is the perfect cut for Ashley’s slender frame and height.

Ben: After crying three times already at this point in the episode, I realize how lame I have become since blogging about love and fashion.

Ben looks sharp as can be in a black suit coat, light blue button down, and bright blue pencil tie.  His fashion is getting better and better.  Go get your proposal on son!  As Ben proposes to Ashley, hearts break everywhere, glasses are thrown at the TV, and women consume extra calories as they try to make themselves feel better after surviving and witnessing reality television heartbreak. “I can’t BELIEVE she let him get down on one knee!” “She is making a MISTAKE!” “I’m turning off the TV, this is BS.”  These are just a few of the comments I can only imagine are being thrown out around America. Whoever was Team Ben, I’m sure you are an emotional mess right now.  Drink up, he’ll be fine!  I think it was good to see Ben pissed off.  It showed he has a backbone and will stand his ground!

JP:  This was hands down one of the most sincere, honest, and natural proposals I have ever seen on this show.  They are both insanely in love, and I couldn’t be happier for Ashley.  After this rough journey she has been through with Bentley and everything else, she deserves happiness.  Team JP fans are going crazy right now! I really didn’t have an opinion either way…she really lucked out with phenomenal guys and I commend her for making such a tough decision.  Thousands of Women in NYC are devastated that another woman gobbled up one of the few single, gorgeous, and kind guys in NY.  I’m sure Ashley’s sister will be happy with Ashley’s decision and learn to love JP with her baby sister. ;)

CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY AND JP!  I would like to thank Ashley’s sister for adding some much needed to drama to this last episode.  The past few episodes have been boring because of the lack of drama.  I’m happy there wasn’t a lot of drama for Ashley’s sake, but as a viewer I needed some spice!  Ashley’s sister gave us a lot of it!  She needs her own show, that’s for sure!   See you in a couple weeks for the premier of Bachelor Pad 2!

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”    -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In Love and Fashion,


Natalie Getz

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