Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: The Guys Have Arrived

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack and ready to pull the diamond studded fashion whip out on these suckers!

This first episode was highly entertaining and absolutely refreshing with no-issues Ashley and her 25 “suit”able bachelors. From masks to limp collars, I’m hear to help you understand what to wear, how to wear it, and why it’s so important.

Ashley looks effortlessly beautiful in her conservative yet sexy east coast style.  In the opening scene, 3 things were running through my blonde hair, er, mind.  1.)  My sudden desire to become a dancer.  2.)  Her double breasted red pea coat, dark denim skinny jeans, and bright yellow crocheted beanie.  3.) I have a crooked front tooth and REALLY want Ashley to fix it and maybe whiten things up a bit on my grill.


One more shout out to this single and stylin’ girl and her decision to rock a black, slightly sheer, midriff bearing oversized blouse complete with (of course) skinnies and a casual heal.  This opening scene is giving me fashion anxiety, because I can’t wait to see what she wears in upcoming episodes!!!


Ashley’s rhinestone studded dress is golden and glamorous, exposing the perfect amount of cleavage, criss-crossing at the shoulder blades and puddling at the floor.  Did anyone notice the satin fabric lining the outside of the breast?  Beautiful, exquisite, defining.  This dress shows off all of tiny Ashley’s curves, highlighting her skin and making her look absolutely elegant.  She is such a cutie and I’m stoked to watch her journey in finding love :)

The Boys
Ryan is a successful, adorable chill dude who is seemingly perfect.  We all have flaws, but let’s just hope his aren’t in his future wardrobe decisions. His smile lights up the room and Ashley definitely noticed this as she gave him the first impression rose.  JP is downright sexy.  I love his Military inspired jacket with a stand up collar.  Talk about yum! Next we see Ames who is obviously Harvard smart and in shape.  I think his east coast style and career driven personality will mesh very well with Ashleys.  Ben is a piano playing Lawyer.  I needn’t say more.  There is something obnoxiously sexy about a man who can tickle the ivory.  Just Sayin’.  (Somewhere Wes Hayden is rushing to the piano store and taking lessons preparing for his next victim/girlfriend.)  Benjamin produces wine and seems super sweet and relaxed.  My only complaint is his short sleeve Henley.  He can pull it off with his confident attitude, but I just don’t like them.  I am a huge fan of long sleeve Henley’s, because you can style them.


GetzStyle Tip:  Make sure to take into consideration these tips when buying a Henley:  The material should be thin and soft to flow through the torso.  Make sure the buttons are small and that the length is long through the waist.  Also, long sleeves are a must, because you can push them up to expose your forearm and create style. See?  It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it!



Bentley is seemingly nice with striking blue eyes and that J.Crew catalogue look.  Only problem?  Yes, this jerk wants Emily and obviously isn’t into Ashley, wasting a rose and her time.  Sooooooo West is wearing nothing and I’m looking “South”.  What?  Jeez.  Ya- he pulls off that nude torso with ripple effect abs quite nicely.  He was my favorite when the bios of the boys went up on the ABC website.  Yum-to-the-Ness.



I’ll tell you one more secret, Shawntel N’s favorite guy is William.  Why not?  He is a doll and his story had me in tears.  He claims he has been used as a stepping stone to happiness by women.  Let me tell you, William, those women were probably wearing stilettos when they stepped on you and that’s why it hurt.  Find a down home natural girl like Shawntel who will wear flats on a casual date and you won’t get hurt.

I’ve got to say, Anthony the butcher from New Jersey is classic.  I know he came off cocky, but he has that “Old Hollywood” swagger to him.  He reminds me of something that you would see in an old Robert Mitchum movie.  He expressed his personality through his crisp, white collar, oxford button down and sharp charcoal jacket.  He effortlessly left three buttons undone, exposing just the right amount of manly chest hair.


GetzStyle Tip: You don’t have to wear a tie in order to appear formal.  This is 2011 and it’s okay to go tie-less to a formal cocktail party.  It’s a completely different look, and if you do it right like Anthony did, you will look sleek and sexy.  Oh Ames, why did you do this to my eyes!  Khakis, Navy Blazer and purple on purple tie/shirt combo? The brown shoes didn’t help ya either bud. You put the O in OMG.


GetzStyle Tip:  When pairing brown shoes with a suit, be sure to choose a suit/shirt combination to enhance them, but don’t let the shoes over-power the entire package.


Mike gets huge points for wearing a vest.  Men!  A vest is the sexiest thing you could wear underneath a suit!  I’m not a huge fan of the red tie, but to each his own.  Drunk Tim entertained me with his lack of tolerance.  All I’m thinking is DON’T YOU DARE throw up on Ashley’s gorgeous gown or I’ll make you wear Polos for the rest of your life!  JP, West, and Ryan…. if Ashley doesn’t choose you, want to go on a 3 on 1 date with me?  I won’t send any of you home, I promise.

One thing I noticed overall about some of these suits is that they needed tailoring.  Please understand how important “fit” is!  You could have a $10,000 suit, yet a guy who purchased a suit from a discount store could look better then you if he had it tailored correctly.  Some of the guy’s trousers were baggy and quite a few jackets looked like they could have fit Frankenstein.  As a man, you must stay current and research what the “look” is right now.  In some eras of fashion, baggy was acceptable, but not this one.  It’s not in a man’s nature to pay attention to the small details such as fit, cut, and style- so ladies, help your fellow out and advise them in the path to becoming a stylish stud.

It’s the end of the first episode and although I’m happy with most of the bachelor’s attire, I’m very upset that not a single one of them wore suspenders. What the dumb…..?!?! Suspenders are classic, have never stopped being trendy and are now at an all time peak!  Yum Alert!  It’s difficult to predict what most of these guys will be wearing in upcoming episodes based off of what type of suit they wear, so hang tight with me until next week when we can dive right into their casual/day wear!  I missed you all, my fellow fashion lovers!   Remember, if life throws you lemons, open up a credit card, pop open a bottle of red, and do some online shopping.

Next time you are on a date and wondering if the other is “suit”able for you, relax, enjoy your dinner, and look at his/her shoes;)

“If honor be your clothing, the suit will last a lifetime; but if clothing be your honor, it will soon be worn threadbare.” -William Arnot

XOXO Natalie Getz