Natalie’s Bachelorette House of Style Blog: Vegas Dates

Chris Harrison enters the room as the camera scans Ashley’s boyfriends. I’m seeing fitted color block quarter length sleeve baseball tees, plaid wovens, jackets with hoodies underneath and solid tailored long sleeve tees. Bravo, my men, bravo.

Most of them seem to have that manly style down without being too metro or too frumpy. Guys, if you dress simple and always make sure your clothes are fitted correctly, you really can’t go wrong… unless you wear a polo. (Sorry to all of you who love them…sorry for my insult, and sorry you like them) Not one dude is wearing a polo. I am happy right now…like NEXT LEVEL happy. They must have all read my blog last season! Mask guy is still weird (and masked) and I’m starting to wonder if they found him at Michael Jackson’s backyard, aka Neverland Ranch. Hmmmmm- He looks familiar, maybe he was on America’s Most Wanted and this is his disguise for doing reality TV twice (one of them unintentional?) Regardless, it’s annoying.

The guys watch Ashley and William leave for a Vegas date and seem jealous. Drink up boys! Staying back at the mansion and pool partying is the most fun part about being on the Bachelor! Both Ashley and Ryan are stylin’ in Vegas!

Ashley looks edible in her white linen spaghetti strap dress. The pattern and texture of the fabric add a richness to the dress, dulling down the white a bit. She sexes this look up by adding the cropped brown leather bomber jacket!

William is nice arm candy with his face, dimples, and personality alone, but he spices it up. He knows how to dress with his v-neck long sleeve thin sweater and bright blue button down underneath it, allowing the bottom of the shirt to hang out as well as the collar and the cuffs. GetzStyle tip: Pay attention! You can completely ruin this look, trust me. When wearing a collared shirt under a sweater, please make sure the sweater is v-neck and styled appropriately. All too often I see men our age wearing a crew-neck sweater with a button down tucked in the waste and the collar tucked in, as well. This is fine for older men, but not for a young single dude.

William picked out the right colors and fabric and styled it correctly, taking this “look” from fraternity brother to GQ! 
So they are doing some fake wedding planning that is staring to weird William and I out….I don’t know, I’m not really paying attention, just excited to see what they are going to wear next.

BAM!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! I’m going Nuts! Look at Ashley’s little green dress! Gah! I’m beside myself right now! Great, I won’t fall asleep until I find out where I can get that dress!!!!!

I’d accept her rose just to steel this green, off the shoulder, super short frock! I love how it cinches at the lowest part of her waist, elongating her torso with a cute little side tie of matching silk fabric. The sleeves are designed gorgeously as they flow through her skinny little arms and flounce at the wrist! I’m extremely jealous, and those of you who read my blog last season will remember my dream of a proposal at the Bellagio fountain during a Frank Sinatra song. Oh well, when JP and I get to that point, we can recreate this date. I actually dropped a wine glass in that fountain by accident once, so I guess a little piece of me was with them.

Call the cops, Ashley stole my look! Last fall I brought back the country girl tied plaid shirt look. GetzStyle Tip: As another alternative to this look, try unbuttoning the shirt, knotting it at both ends, and wearing it over a floral corset! It’s always good to give your wardrobe a modern twist by mismatching patterns.

She looks so stinkin’ cute in her pink and white plaid button down tied perfectly at the waist, exposing the perfect amount of stomach to keep it cute and classy. She gets mad points for pairing the woven with dark skinnies, a perfect nude pump, perky ponytail, and 12 hot single horny men. The boys are creative while choreographing their own routines and I must say, it’s adorable. I will point out West and his attire. Is it a sweater? A Jacket? Tevs, it’s like a modern day Hugh Hefner look, and mama like it.

Ashley takes Mickey on a one on one and flips a coin to help her decide on her future husband? Huh- cute? Oh Mickey you’re so fine, your v-neck sweater blows my mind! Hey Mickey! (Clap-Clap) Hey Mickey! Side Note: I’m sitting here with my best gal pal Christina and we had to pause the show a number of times during this date due to her obsession with Mickey. Yes Mickey, you are stud muffin. Her loins are burning for you.

At the Ceremony, competitive Bentley has to kiss Ashley after hearing about her smooch with Prince William. Shocker. Rose ceremony smooch count: JP, William, and Bentley. NICE!!! How can you have a serious conversation without laughing your a#* off with Mask Jackson?! Agh! You are too sweet, girlfriend. Ashley looks absolutely sexy in her form fitting black evening gown complete with a sexy sweetheart neckline.

I love how the dress is two pieces, adding dimension to the dark color and spicing up the average LBD. I wish I could see more of the intricate detail, but they are lost on camera due to the color. I want to see this in real life! GetzStyle Tip: Notice the stays in Ashley’s dress to support the strapless upper portion. It wings away from her body creating a smooth finish vs. cutting into her skin, causing her armpit to squeeze over it. (No man likes a BARM aka-boob arm)

I’m bored talking about suits after last weeks blog, but Ben’s CAN NOT go unnoticed! Gianni Versace is rolling in his grave, guarantee, as Ben struts his awful stuff including a mint green tie, off white jacket, and black pants. Come on, Ben. Ugh. I think Ashley’s sole intention of giving you a rose was to accidentally tear it apart with the thorns so that this fashion faux pas can never be repeated.

Success follows those adept at preserving the substance of the past by “clothing” it in the forms of the future.
-Dee Hock

I’m out! See you all here next week. Remember if the shoe fits, don’t wear it unless it’s cute.


Natalie Getz (Twitter @nataliegetz)