Nick’s Final Words

Final Words…

First off, whether you’re a fan of me now or not, thank you for watching the show!  I’ve received a lot of support from both fans and cast members…both current and past.  I appreciate all of it.  As far as all the haters, well, maybe this will clear things up a bit.  Let’s get to all the touchy subjects:

Let me start with this:  Yes, I agreed to share the money with Rachel weeks prior to the filming of the finale.  Yes, I really had every intention of sharing it…UNTIL…I watched the two final episodes in my hotel room the night before we filmed the finale.  Leading up to episode 6 and 7, Rachel was a player in the game like anyone else.  Although she just flew under the wing of Michael the whole season and did what he said, she was there and she did compete.  She did NOT win any competitions either, other than the singing competition when I was her partner.  So she wasn’t some big strong player in the game.  She coasted through. We were forced to partner up after Michael’s departure and that’s where she made her biggest mistake.  She had known him less than 10 days and was “falling in love with him” and she just couldn’t imagine going on in this competition without him.  Really?? 10 days.  Whatever.

I told her I was in it to the end with her.  We could still win this thing together.  Don’t leave.  Her response was that the money isn’t worth it and she wanted to leave.  Many times she said she didn’t care about the money.  And again, she said it over and over later when she was all upset about not taking Jaclyn to the finale.  I asked her to please stick around…I got here too.  You can go see Michael in a week or so.  Jaclyn and I both talked to her to get her to stick around.  She blatantly told me that it wasn’t anything I said that was keeping her around, it was Jaclyn.  Oh.  Gee thanks.  So that told me she wasn’t staying for our “partnership”…she was staying because of her friend.  So at that point I had a partner…but a partner that didn’t give a crap about me.

So, sitting in my hotel room I have the opportunity to watch the final two episodes because we would need to be able to discuss them at the finale.  At this point I’m planning on sharing tomorrow.  Then, I see all these things that I never knew!  I’m sitting there watching Rachel tell Jaclyn that she just doesn’t want to win it with me…she wants to win it with Michael.  She phones Michael and tells him she doesn’t want to be my partner.  She tells Jaclyn to just vote us out so she can go see him.  ARE YOU SERIOUS???  I hear her say she was “backed into this partnership.”  They both state that they don’t believe I deserve to be there.  Why?? Who are y’all to determine who deserves to be there?? Jaclyn lasts like 2 episodes on her season of Bachelor and she’s some big shot all of a sudden.  Then in the final competition, Rachel states that if Michael were her partner she’d win for sure.  Wow thanks!  I’m your partner now…not Michael.  After watching all this, my decision was an absolute no brainer.  I hear people telling me, “Karma is a bitch!”  Well what about Rachel’s actions??  Quit focusing on mine and think about all that crap.

Throughout the game everyone lied, cheated, backstabbed, and voted their own friends off.  And that was OK because it was “playing the game.”  What makes my move any different than theirs throughout the game??  It wasn’t!  It was a game and I made my move last…not during the season!  It was a last minute decision based on all the crap talk I heard about me.  You’re delusional if you’d want to hand 125,000 dollars to someone who just said they didn’t want to be your partner.

“I don’t want to be your partner. I want to be Michael’s.”

“Oh ok let me split this $250,000 with you.”

Feel me?

I’d like to say that when I came home from filming the main part of the season up until the finale, I spoke nothing but good things about everyone.  I even defended Jaclyn and said she was actually really nice and funny…of course I hadn’t seen the things she was saying behind my back yet.  I still have not stooped to trash anyone or name call…even after Rachel did to me.  And after the finale, Rachel and Jaclyn really hit twitter with childish remarks…”lets start an unfollow @peetystraining movement!”  Wooo awesome guys!

I never took any kind of serious emotions outside of the show.  I never even had them in the show to start with…and that was my best move.  I still like everybody and don’t hate any of them.  A few thoughts on the contestants:


I hear rumors of people wanting her to be the Bachelorette.  I hope she gets it and wish her the absolute best in anything else she does.  She’s a beautiful girl.  I had zero intentions of hurting her…I just played the GAME and felt like I didn’t owe anybody anything.


As far as Michael calling me out, he had no room to do so.  He just looked like a bad guy after they had it out on stage and needed to smooth things over so he came to her defense.

Jaclyn and Ed

Jaclyn and Ed had ZERO room to say anything.  They could have taken the final competition seriously and won it.  Had they won the competition, they would have won the whole show and the money.  They would have had their pick of couples to take to the finale and would have won either way.  But they didn’t take it seriously.  Everybody saw their performance.  Jaclyn disliked me from day 1 for no reason and I thought Ed and I got along fine…but apparently I was just “an anonymous guy in the house” to him.

Everyone Else

Just about everyone approached me and said they were glad I did what I did.  They lived in the house and understood…they said they would have done the same, or at least wanted to.  I think I did what many people wanted to do, but wouldn’t have the cajones to pull off.  Of course they said it with a whisper and probably wouldn’t admit to it publicly…but I know it’s true.

And as far as after I pulled the Keep card, I was not gloating.  Who’s not excited about winning a bunch of money?  I was the underdog…and it felt good to win being the guy that nobody ever expected to see win.  And to stick it those who thought they had it in the bag and thought I didn’t deserve to be there for some reason.

I came into this game and clearly stated what I was here for: the money.  I kept my focus.  I stayed out of the petty drama throughout the season because I knew it would hurt my chances of winning.  I didn’t whore myself out.  I didn’t get belligerently drunk.  I played the game straight up and fair.  Planned on winning and sharing until I saw what everyone really thought about me, and decided to keep it all.  No foul there.



Nick Peterson

“The Schmuck with $250,000”