Paige Vigil’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 1

Watching last night’s episode was so surreal for me.  I learned a few things about myself, such as: I walk funny and blow air out of the side of my mouth…a lot.  Besides that, I was surprised how I felt while watching the show.  While it was so much fun to relive the experience, I was also really sad watching the backstabbing and of course, the ending…but we’ll get to that shortly!

From one fan to another, I can say that walking into the Bachelor mansion seemed like a dream.  Waiting in the limo to meet Chris Harrison felt like an eternity because I was SO anxious.  I was actually worried that I was going to fall on my face when walking up to Chris, fortunately I think I maintained my composure there fairly well. Chris is honestly one of the easiest people to talk to.  A moment when I lost my composure however, was when I met Chris B. from Emily’s season. I had such a kindergarten crush on him during The Bachelorette when he brought in the bobble-heads that first night and I was definitely not expecting him to be at the Bachelor Pad.  You see the moment when I first see him and can’t think of anything to say, other then telling him I liked him…I am so smooth (joking).  Obviously, he is a very attractive man and every other girl in the house clearly felt the same way.

I really enjoyed watching the intro videos.  Kalon’s particularly made me laugh.           My thoughts on the fans intro videos are as follows…

Myself: I have pee’d my pants before, it is embarrassing but also a little funny!  If you can’t laugh at yourself…who can you laugh at?

Swat: Loved watching Swat kick butt and shoot guns…meow! I need to have him teach me how to shoot, that’s so badass.  Loved seeing such a tough guy on the couch, in his PJ’s watching the Bachelor!

Donna: She is even more gorgeous in person & she does have the personality to boot!  Watching her draw Michael’s picture really cracked me up.

David: Watching him doing his MMA thing scared me a bit…I wouldn’t want to get into a scuffle with the guy!

Twins: My gosh, these girls make good TV, they have no filter!

Re-watching things, I definitely thought I received a warmer welcome then I clearly did! I had no idea the veterans harbored so much animosity towards the fans.  I definitely don’t think sleeping in the same bed with me would be like “sleeping with the help”, I NEVER, in a million years would have smelt Ed’s boxers (gross) and I’d like to think my fashion sense is on-point.  Clearly, it was the fans versus the vets from the very beginning.  I truly hope and believe most of the veterans have changed their minds on the fans since that first night, so no hard feelings!


The challenge was super difficult!  Sweat I think was my worst enemy because it made the heart seem like a slip and slide.  Pairing up with Reid was the best choice I made during my short stint on the show.  He was so supportive during the “Falling Out of Love” challenge and he has the strongest. legs. ever.  Getting second place was such an accomplishment in my first (and only) challenge.  I was sad that Reid and I didn’t get the date so we could spend some quality time together and you can see that all over my face in the screen shot.  I am clearly not the best at hiding my emotions.

To my complete shock however, Reid had a picnic set up for us outside of the house, and you can see that deleted scene, here.  Obviously, I am not the best comedian, but I truly do love bad jokes! Even though Reid says I should stop telling that joke, I’d be lying if I said I would!

While I don’t think David sharing our plan with everyone was smart, I don’t think it was right in how Erica attacked him and called him an, “ugly loser” for outwardly saying he’d vote her off.  If I remember correctly, she was really hurt during season 2 of the Bachelor Pad when her fellow contestants spoke negatively of her appearance.  Even in this episode she said it hurt her feelings when Kalon spoke poorly of her looks too, which is why this was one of the more shocking moments of the night for me!  I typically try to not rub salt in the wounds of others that pain me the most.  David is a very handsome man and I hope that he didn’t let that get to him.

Elimination was really difficult.  The fact that Reid went campaigning to keep me around really made me want to stay that much more!  I am so surprised that Swat ended up being the swing vote and did vote me off. I do understand that he had to do what was best for him at the time, though I don’t necessarily think it was great strategy.  No one wants to be the person to go home first and I am not ecstatic that it was me, but someone had to! I’m really looking forward to continue watching in the coming weeks and I REALLY hope that Reid makes it to the end.

Lastly, the support I have received via social media from all of you has been so wonderfully overwhelming.  I never would have expected that and can’t begin to tell you how appreciated all of the kind words are.