Paige Vigil’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 4

It’s episode four and we’re down to one super fan…Dave. I am hopeful that he’ll make it through to episode five, but am nervous that this episode could be the end of the fans this season. I love that Dave is a fighter and he is not willing to go out of the house without putting everything he has into it. I am most excited to see our love triangle between: Jamie, Blakeley and Chris become a love square as Sarah joins the mix.

The contestants are immediately given surveys after Reid and Donna leave the mansion with what Chris Harrison calls, “very personal questions”.  I have a feeling this will be similar to last years “egg challenge”, but am hopeful for their sake that it won’t be quite as brutal. Looks like the challenge will be a game show with two rounds: Love/Romance and “Who Said That?”

The guys and the girls take turns playing the game with the girls playing first. The “Who Said That” portion of the game show was more comical in my estimate then hurtful as the girls were playing. I found it hilarious that Kalon thought Erica would be the worst parent because she eats her hair, since that made no sense! Jaclyn and Sarah were both kicking butt in the challenge, but in the end the woman on top was Jaclyn! When the guys were playing “Who Said That”, the questions got a little more hurtful. Blakeley thinks Jamie is the most annoying and Jamie thinks Jaclyn is the most fake/manipulative. Ed wins the competition for the guys’ side. The two people with the lowest scores are Rachel and Dave.  I have a feeling that Rachel will be safe but I definitely think Dave will be going home tonight.  He needed to win that competition to feel safe and he now has a vote against him! I hope that he can stick around another week but am not feeling too positive about that idea. I think Jamie is definitely regretting that she revealed how she felt about Jaclyn and is now realizes she could be on the chopping block.


Jaclyn decides to take Ed on the one-on-one date, much to Sarah’s dismay.   Unlike Sarah, I do think that Jaclyn and Ed would make a cute couple, they both seem really playful! Jaclyn and Ed go to the Dodgers stadium and have the whole place to themselves!


I tried playing softball in middle school but ended up singing/dancing in right field and throwing the ball like Olive Oil from Popeye, so I think I may have felt misplaced on this date, even though it’s a great idea! Jaclyn and Ed sit down for a picnic after their day playing ball and they receive what I will call a “surprise rose”, since I didn’t anticipate there to be any more roses. Since Ed already has a rose from winning the competition, Jaclyn has the power to give this rose to another man in the house who will then have the opportunity to go on his own one-on-one date.  This is a big moment considering for Jaclyn and Ed as they’re now becoming a power couple in the house. I love watching Ed and Jaclyn together, they both really crack me up!

Their date ends with fireworks because what would a Bachelor date be without some fireworks?

Back at the house, we see the partnership between Chris and Blakeley begins to crumble. Jamie continues to pursue Chris and the two of them end up cuddling.


Jamie expresses her concern to Chris about their connection and Chris seems like he’s only wanting to kiss. I understand that he is trying to keep the ladies happy but Chris seems a bit confused, because lying to someone isn’t the way to keep them happy! Jamie is a smart girl and sooner or later she is going to figure out Chris is telling her what she wants to hear and he’ll be in a much worse situation. There is no way Chris can possibly keep all these women happy. Jamie says that she really feels like she can trust Chris and my heart just breaks for her! She is being too trusting and not willing to see past the facade Chris has strategically created in playing the game.

Ed and Jaclyn decide to give the rose to Chris. Chris’ date card reads, “are you ready for some action?” I think we all know the answer to that question! In a surprising move, Chris decides to take Sarah. Blakeley looks so angry and Jamie just looks distraught at this news.


Chris tells Blakeley that he can’t promise to be her partner till the end…as hard as that conversation seemed, I think it was good that he was honest about it! On the other hand, Chris tells Jamie that he isn’t taking her on the date as not to overly offend Blakeley, remaining as neutral as possible. Poor Jamie is being so naive about the situation and really needs to find someone else to trust. I have found that if you have to make excuses for a guy, then the relationship is undoubtedly wrong. Sarah and Chris pull into a parking lot and the driver begins to maneuver around cars and rammed into multiple boxes. I’d probably be thinking I was getting abducted in that moment. Turns out, they’re not being kidnapped and they’re making a action movie! Sarah has 3 1/2 years of kung fu training so this will be great to watch. She actually gave Chris a roundhouse kick to the face and I was cracking up!

Sarah gets to save Chris on the date and she is wearing all leather and looking like a stone cold fox!

I feel like we’re getting to see a more carefree side of Chris that we haven’t seen thus far. Chris does not have a rose to give to Sarah since he did not win the challenge, he does tell her that he would give her the rose if he had one. Sarah and Chris end up kissing in the hot tub and I think both of them are feeling some sparks! The two of them decide to get a hotel room and spend the night together.

There is another “surprise rose” which is given to Ed to hand out to a girl. I was totally surprised that he gave the rose to Rachel as I really anticipated him giving it to Lindzi. Kalon and Lindzi were the couple Jaclyn and Ed had spoke about on the date because they did not have a date yet. On the other hand, Jaclyn and Rachel are good friends so this move does make sense. We don’t get to see if Rachel gets to take Michael on another date or not.

Blakeley and Jamie end up having a very honest conversation, which was much needed. While this conversation was necessary, I don’t think anything was resolved. I don’t think either of them were willing to put themselves in the others shoes. Blakeley says that she is not interested in being partners with someone she can’t trust and I am assuming this is the downfall of Blakeley and Chris. Jamie on the other hand is willing to wait for Chris who is on his date, hooking up with someone else. Girlfriend is too trusting! My heart is just continuing to break as I watch Jamie’s feelings get more and more hurt.


At the cocktail party, Dave isn’t going out without a fight. Jaclyn tells Dave that she would send home Nick before him. Afterwards, he goes up to some of the girls to get them to vote for Nick as well. I really respect that he puts so much effort into staying around. Nick knows his name is on the chopping block and he goes to Jamie and tells her that he’ll vote for Blakeley if she votes for Dave. Jamie plays both sides and ends up voting for Nick. I think it was a smart play on Jamie’s move because if Dave were to stay in the house, he would keep Jamie around and who knows how Nick would swing in the coming weeks. Jamie and Blakeley are the two girls on the chopping block and the guys seem really split down the middle. The main alliance in the house is voting against Jamie but Chris is really campaigning to have Blakeley leave. The guys seem to be onto Kalon’s scheme in which he remains neutral and then silently strikes at the last minute. Chris and Ed are realizing that they’ve received two different stories and Kalon tells them both that he is voting for Blakeley but votes for Jamie! In the end, I can’t say I am surprised by who went home this week as Dave and Jamie were voted out. I am definitely sad to see Dave go. His original plan of the fans overruling the alumni was obviously ripped to shreds. Dave left gracefully, happy with the opportunity he’d been given, which was sweet. Jamie definitely gave Chris a piece of her mind before leaving and it looks like she figured it out a little too late.

Next week, the game is going to change because the alumni will be forced to start voting off each other since there are no super fans left as easy targets. We finally get to see more of Kalon and Lindzi’s connection as well, which I am sure we’re all pretty excited for!

Paige Vigil