Paige Vigil’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 5

I am so excited to watch this episode, since I have a feeling it is going to be the most controversial one to date. Up till this point, there has been drama, but I have also been able to predict with a fair amount of accuracy who will be eliminated at each rose ceremony. This week, there are no easy targets as we have seen the end of the super fans, therefore the veterans will be forced to start voting out each other. We also get to see more of Kalon and Lindzi (Kalindzi) this week and I know that we’re all curious to see their chemistry.

The episode begins with the aftermath of last weeks rose ceremony. Chris is clearly upset that his plan failed because this means he’ll be on the chopping block this week. He decides to go to bed and when Sarah comes in to comfort/cuddle with him. I was cracking up when he told her to take off her shoes before getting into bed!

Chris decides to confront Kalon and Ed about the fact that they lied about their votes. The conversations between Kalon, Ed and Chris quickly escalate. Ed and Kalon should probably sleep with one eye open because Chris is more then a little pissed.

I think everyone is doing what they believe is the best move for themselves at this point and lying is quickly becoming the name of the game. The game is definitely getting dirty and Tony said it perfectly when he said that, “relationships are getting tarnished and trust is being broken”.

The challenge this week is a teacup challenge. Let’s face it, it’d be more appropriate to use beer mugs or wine glasses in the Bachelor Pad. Blakeley is ecstatic because she was a waitress, so this challenge is practically made for the woman! The good news about the challenge this week is that the people who lose the challenge do not get a vote against them in the rose ceremony. Each person has to race between the tables seven times with a tray, stacking an additional cup and saucer with each lap. If the cups are dropped at any point during the race, you have to completely start over. The ladies are up first and, as usual, the challenge is clearly much more difficult then it appears to be! There is so much broken glass on the floor, I am nervous that someone is going to fall and it’ll suddenly look like a crime scene happened at the Bachelor Pad!

In the end, Sarah comes in first but touched her stack of cups during her final lap, breaking a rule and disqualifying her.

Blakeley’s skills ultimately prevail and she wins the challenge for the ladies. When the men began to compete, Blakeley walked right beside tony, cheering him on the entire way. While the ladies seemed annoyed with Blakeley’s strategy, Tony didn’t seem to mind at all. Perhaps it may have even helped him because he won the challenge for the guys!

I thought it was super sweet after the challenge when Tony said that he was going to be the best partner he could be for Blakeley. This is a second week in a row where a man and woman from the same team won the challenge.

Since Tony and Blakeley decide to take each other on the date, they get to pick a man who gets to go on his own date as well. Blakeley gives the date to Kalon, who naturally takes Lindzi. The date card shows up at the house, accompanied by Neil Lane jewels and the keys to a Bentley.

Kalindzi hop in the Bentley and drive to a bridge that has been shut down just for the two of them. It has been decorated with a beautiful chandelier and is set for dinner overlooking the city.

Kalon tells Lindzi that he is in love with her and I could not be happier for the two of them. While Lindzi doesn’t necessarily reciprocate with the use of the “L word” it is pretty clear by the way she looks at him that she feels the same way. This coupling is so unexpected and I think that is what is so great about it. Regardless about how you feel about Kalindzi, everyone deserves to be in love and I really hope that they have what it takes to go the distance. Even though Kalon is seen as the villain by most of America, it is really awesome that Lindzi is able to see past that and see the good within him that not everyone gets to see. I think that Kalon is a really fun, genuine person and it’s sweet how he feels like he can be himself around Lindzi! Back at the house, Chris decides to seek revenge on Kalon by getting the other guys in the house to vote out Lindzi. It is probably not in Chris’ best interest to shake things up more then he already has at this point, but he has to figure that out for himself.

Tony and Blakeley are excited for their Bachelor date since the dates are typically so glamorous.  Because their date is an overnight date, they are assuming they’re hopping on a jet and going somewhere crazy like Vegas. Much to their dismay, they show up at a small camper in the woods.


Neither of them are too excited about their date in the first few moments, but I am happy to see that each of them get past the disappointment very quickly and realize that they’re just happy to spend time with each other. You know the saying, everything happens for a reason? Tony and Blakeley are a perfect example of this. If Chris hadn’t been rude to Blakeley, ruining their partnership, Blakeley would have never become partners with Tony! It was adorable how Tony turned up the romance factor on their date by playing a country song on the radio and dancing under the stars with Blakeley.

I thought it was awesome too how she was so upfront with him and told him that it takes her awhile to open up and trust someone, but I think that Tony is really worthy of her trust. Chris says that Tony is under the “Blakeley spell” but I don’t see it that way, I think that Tony and Blakeley are more compatible then Chris and Blakeley ever were!

Back at the house, Michael set up a small picnic date outside for himself and Rachel. He opens up to her telling her that he has a lot of difficult memories in the house that Rachel has helped erase. I really hope these two are still together, they seem really comfortable around one another and I love how he tucks her hair behind her ears. Everyone is coupling up and I can’t help but wonder where Nick and Erica are while all this is happening? The rose that Tony has to hand out to an additional girl, since Blakeley is already safe, goes to Jaclyn. VERY smart move on Tony and Blakeley’s part because they’re keeping things within their alliance.

Chris Harrison makes an appearance during the cocktail party with a HUGE surprise that totally shakes up the game. During this week’s elimination, everyone will be voting off a woman. Upon leaving, that woman can, without questioning, choose the man she would like to see leave the Bachelor Pad. I am a big plan of this move because it has the possibility to really change things up in the house. This changes Chris’ plan since he knows if Lindzi left, she would likely take him with her. However, Chris is forced to vote for Lindzi once the main alliance’s plan comes to light. Michael spearheads the execution of the elimination plan and because Erica is not within their alliance, she is an easier target then most of the girls. In order to make sure Erica decides to take Chris home with her, the main alliance decides to lie to Erica and tell her that Chris is the one trying to vote her off. This plan is downright DIRTY. Smart, but dirty.


Let’s break and talk about Ed and Jaclyn briefly. During the conversation Chris Harrison asks what is happening with all of the blooming love in the house. Ed makes it very clear that he and Jaclyn are not a couple, even though they’ve spent every night in bed together. The hurt is all over Jaclyn’s face as the words come out of Ed’s mouth and I couldn’t feel worse for her.

I have no idea what is going to happen within their partnership now! Back to the strategizing…I think what the main alliance failed to remember was that Erica is not one to keep her mouth shut or go down without kicking and screaming. Erica ran right to Chris to reprimand him for plotting against her after she learned about his “plan”. Chris makes what is actually Bachelor Pad history and takes Erica into vote with him and proves to her that he votes out Lindzi. You can argue that Chris hasn’t played the game as ethically as he should have, but you can’t argue that Chris know what he is doing, and this move proves it.

At this point, Erica knows that she and many others have lied to her and she says if she is leaving, she is taking the house down with her. In the end, Erica is the woman leaving this week and she decides to change the game and take Michael with her. Poor Rachel is simply distraught and considers leaving with Michael but fortunately she decides to stay. While Michael was the mastermind behind the elimination tonight, I don’t think he deserved the tongue-lashing he received by Erica by any means. Erica tells Michael he deserves what he got in regards to Holly on Bachelor Pad 2…that was brutal. I know Erica and Michael were friends coming into Bachelor Pad but I can’t imagine they have continued their relationship.

Next week, the contestants begin competing as couples. The spelling bee next week looks hysterical. Honestly, I have no clue who will be the couple leaving next week and I really don’t want to see anyone go because I have enjoyed watching each of the couples. Finally, the outtake of Ed with the oven mitt was probably one of the funniest moments of the season.

Paige Vigil