Paige Vigil’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 6

As the episodes continue, the plot continues to thicken. At this point in the game, the final couples are so close to the end that they can taste the money. I am most excited to see how things play out with Ed and Jaclyn, since we saw things start to get heated within their relationship last week.

This week is different because the teams officially begin competing as couples, meaning they’ll both vote and be voted off as a couple. Since Erica and Michael were eliminated last week, Nick and Rachel become partners by default. This week’s competition is a Spelling Bee.

 The pairs switch back and forth between letters for every word. This was the MOST comical competition this season by far and I am really hoping that there will be another Spelling Bee on Bachelor Pad 4. The plan this week was to vote Chris and Sarah off, so naturally none of the couples wanted them to win the Spelling Bee. The final two couples are Chris and Sarah versus Ed and Jaclyn. For drama’s sake, I really hope Chris and Sarah pull out a win here. In the end, Chris and Sarah win by spelling serendipity correctly and everyone in the house looks like they want to go back to the mansion and drown themselves in the pool.


Chris and Sarah are both given roses and get to go on a romantic, overnight date. Since Ed and Jaclyn came in second, they’ll also get to go on an overnight date, although they will not get roses. Everyone that’s left (exempting Chris and Sarah) is part of the main alliance we’ve seen develop this season, which means the rose ceremony is going to get pretty dicey because they’ll have to vote each other off!

Chris and Sarah take a helicopter and an adorable train ride to a beautiful lake and spend the day picnicking and swimming. This is a really cool date, but it sounds like Chris may still be hanging on to some of the feelings he had for Emily. Nonetheless, we still are continuing to see a more carefree side of Chris.

After the lake, Chris and Sarah have dinner at a barn. Sarah asks Chris about Emily and he admits how difficult the break up has been on him. I do really feel bad for him as he talks about Emily, you can tell he had very strong feelings for her! We can see these Chris and Sarah growing closer and it’s really awesome to see yet another love story develop within the Bachelor Pad!

Back at the mansion, Rachel is struggling with the decision of staying or leaving. If she decides to leave, by default, she’d be taking Nick out of the game with her since he is her partner.


My heart is seriously breaking for Rachel as I watch this. Girlfriend is distraught. She does feel like the widow in the house but it is better being a widow with $125,000 then a widow with nothing! Nick explains to her how much he wants to stay and help her stay focused. Rachel sits down to talk to Jaclyn and Blakeley about her feelings and they explain to her that they want her to stay as well. Rachel felt the support she needed to feel from her two friends and the three of them make a pinky promise to send Lindzi and Kalon home at this week’s rose ceremony. It would definitely be sad to see Kalindzi leave tonight because I think their romance is the most genuine relationship we’ve seen develop this season.

Jaclyn and Ed have their date the following day. Jaclyn expresses the fact that she is nervous because of what happened last week; In case you missed it, Ed said (in front of everyone) that he had no romantic feelings for Jaclyn and that they were partners, but not a couple in the house. This obviously hurt Jaclyn’s feelings and was something that needed to be discussed on the date this week! Their date card reads, “Let’s cast away”. Jaclyn and Ed get on a private jet and fly to a remote island and have (of course) a picnic! The island is truly beautiful and this looks like a super cool date! When Ed and Jaclyn sit down, they get into the talk right away. Jaclyn is scared of heartbreak and rejection (who isn’t) but I hope that she is willing to be open because that is the way she will end up finding true love! It doesn’t really seem like anything was resolved during this chat.

Ed admits his words at the last rose ceremony were a little stern. Ed also tells Jaclyn he has been pursuing someone at home for a while and he just assumed Jaclyn knew about this. Jaclyn did NOT know about this other woman and tells Ed that she wouldn’t have been so intimate with him if she knew. I absolutely feel horrible for Jaclyn at this point! Ed just dropped such a huge bomb on her that he should have really been upfront about during the beginning of things! The date continues at dinner, and this conversation is still going! Ed essentially says that he doesn’t want a relationship, but he wants to continue sleeping with Jaclyn because it solidifies their bond. If I were Jaclyn, I would have told him we could be friends and continue the process as partners but that is where it’d have to end. I would be livid. Jaclyn obviously must have felt differently about this because she agrees and two of them do end up spending the night together. Does this make them friends with benefits? I hope that down the road, this can turn into something more because they’re both really funny people and would make a terrific couple!

Back at the mansion, Tony set up a little date outside for himself and Blakeley. These two warm my heart! Their eyes just light up when they look at each other and you can tell the two of them are genuinely falling in love…you can’t fake this people!


The next morning Jaclyn and Ed come back with two roses that they’ve been given to hand out to a couple of their choice. They give everyone a chance to plead their case and ultimately decide to give the roses to Tony and Blakeley, which is smart since they’re in their alliance and Chris and Sarah would have been gunning for them.


Kalon and Lindzi as well as Rachel and Nick are on the chopping block tonight. Kalon and Lindzi were the original consensus but Kalon is pretty persuasive and it looks like he could have swayed Blakeley and Tony’s decision. As Blakeley and Tony are talking about how they’re confused, Nick comes to talk to them to plead his case. Tony said that Nick “shot from the mouth” and Rachel called Nick a “lunatic” for the way he went about the conversation. I am a little confused about why everyone is so upset with him at this point because he didn’t get overly heated or angry during this conversation?! Rachel continues to be heartbroken and I still just feel horrible for her! She ends up calling Michael because she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore and Michael tells her to stick it out. Nick is angry because people are beginning to change their minds and Rachel is not keeping her head in the game at this point.

At the rose ceremony, we see the end of Kalindzi. Kalon walks Lindzi to her limo and gives her a brief kiss before getting into his car. A few moments later, he jumps out of his limo and into Lindzis! I am definitely sad to see the two of them leave, but they did find something more worthwhile then money at the Bachelor Pad. Kalon tells Lindzi again that he is in love with her and Lindzi admits to falling in love with Kalon as well.

Next week, we’re down to the final four couples and will get to see who the final two couples will end up being! This season has gone by SO fast! Looks like there will be lots of drama and lots of tears next week.

Paige Vigil