Planting Trees with Tree People: Bachelor Gives Back

My favorite part of belonging to the Bachelor family is the open invitation to participate in Bachelor Gives Back! I always walk away feeling fulfilled, and knew this opportunity to work alongside the Tree People would be no different!

You are probably thinking, who are the Tree People? That’s exactly what I was wondering when I was invited to join my fellow cast-mates to plant trees for charity. I learned that this organization has a very important role in restoring our environment. Tree People’s mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment.

On a sunny California day, I met up with fellow cast members Natalie Getz, Erica Rose, Vienna Girardi, Kasey Kahl, Elizabeth Kitt and many more at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. I left my cocktail dress at home and came ready to get down and dirty. Our leaders explained that the hillside we would be improving had been destroyed by a fire the previous year. The purpose for our gathering was to replant the trees, mulch, weed and prune the hillside. It was going to be a day of restoration and we were the ones that were going to make it happen!

The hillside was steep, so you can imagine how hysterical the scene was as we tried to balance and dig a hole with a shovel at the same time. We worked together digging, sweating and getting dirty.

I had a blast, and learned some great tips for planting along the way. For instance, it’s good to massage the root-ball of the tree when you take it out of the pot and before you plant it. I guess it helps the roots adjust to the new surroundings. In true Bachelor form, we massaged the “root-ball.”

There were no hot tubs this time around, but as we mulched the hillside, we did get to watch some of the Bachelor guys take their shirts off and show us their “guns.”

I want to encourage those who read this blog to consider ways to help out the environment. If you live in the LA area, check out the Tree People organization. But if you live elsewhere make sure you look up ways you can “Go Green” and help your community. Not only will you feel good that you helped Mother Nature, you will also have the reward of knowing that the time and effort you put in to “Go Green” will benefit future generations to come.

I’ve experienced both The Bachelor and Bachelor Gives Back and this is what I have learned. Bachelor is about finding love and Bachelor Gives Back is about giving love :-) Thank you for letting me share my experience with you.

– Valishia Savage (Season 14)