Reid’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 8

Lindzi’s hometown date – Somewhere in Florida – She’s my favorite at this point. She’s a bit goofy but attractive, genuine, sweet and I really like a girl who can ride a horse. Why? Because I like horses and I like girls. Her family seemed nice although I would be a bit weirded out if I went to meet a girl’s parents and we ended up carriage racing. I guess you need to keep an open mind. We hear yet another metaphor comparing falling off horses to love. You just have to get back in the saddle again or something along those lines. Enough with the metaphors.

Kacie’s hometown date – Clarksville, Tennessee – At first the baton twirling thing was cute and sweet. They had a great first date together even though it had a bit of a distant immature feel to it. The hometown date started off on a high school football field with a marching band performing. Guess who was in the marching band? Yes, you guessed it. Kacie the baton twirler. She did, however, pull a sick move at the end where she threw the baton in the air, twirled around like a figure skater and caught the baton. I wonder if that was done in one take. If so, I may hire her for my kids birthday party, whenever that may be as I don’t presently have any kids. The most entertaining part of their date was when I finally finished my last Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie right before Ben met her parents. My neighbor bought me a crate of them because she read one of my tweets that said I was craving Thin Mints. Why am I talking about Thin Mints again? Oh yeah. The second most entertaining part of their date was how uncomfortable Ben looked when having a one-on-one date with Kacie’s dad. I thought he was going to move in for the kiss as he does whenever he is uncomfortable on a one-on-one. Just kiss him Ben. Do it. She looks just like her mom and for some reason that would also throw me off. Actually, I think she looked too much like her mom, but hey, you know how they breed down there in them parts! JK!

Nicki “Mooy Mooy’s” hometown date – Hurst, Texas – Last time Nicki brought a man home she married him. Yet another metaphor on this date comparing picking the right cowboy boot with picking the right love. AHHHHHH. This date seemed to go well. Ben and the family seemed to get along. Her parents seemed pretty normal and reasonable thinkers and in the end Ben got a Bro Hug from her brother. That pretty much summed up that date. She’s slipping through by the skin of her teeth.

Courtney’s hometown date – Somewhere in Arizona or Hell – Courtney is one great actor. Her parents and sister actually appear to be somewhat normal but there was a weird, cold vibe going on in that house. I can’t explain it just like I can’t explain Courtney. I felt that they were going to pull out a Ouija Board and start summoning the dead. Courtney’s dad explains that marriage is life’s biggest gambles and only 50% of the time you are right. That’s a sad thought. I wonder if he won or lost with his wife? Anyway, all I can say is that every time Courtney professes her love for Ben, it seems to be a struggle. She seems to have to force out kind words. If I had to go with my gut, I would say that Courtney is extremely competitive, a great actress, and completely full of shit, however, at one point I had a different thought. Maybe Courtney has been let down or cheated on by so many men then she reflects her bad feelings toward the girls. She looks at all women as evil because of her insecurities when she should be blaming herself for choosing the wrong men all along. What if Courtney really did just needed a guy she can trust just as a dog saved from the pound needs to warm up to people. I want to say that my first thought is right that she comes from a family of witches who were all playing the part but witches don’t exist and I did see a small change in Courtney. We’ll have to see. I see her winning and then having a change of heart but I really think that I could be wrong. I really don’t know. If I went with my absolute gut feeling I would say she’s full of it and too old to change.

Kacie goes home in the end as I thought would happen after Ben saw her in the marching band and after meeting her dad.

For me, the highlight of the show was Courtney’s face and action when all the girls go over to comfort Kacie after she doesn’t receive a rose.
Second highlight – I do like Kacie, except when she started dropping F bombs in the car. That was great because I know how it feels being let go when its a surprise and out of left field.

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