Reid’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Finale

I can’t believe this crazy season is over already. It’s been one big science and psychological experiment game show for sure. Bachelor Pad reminds me of a mixture between Big Brother meets Lord of the Flies meets The Dream Team, meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. We’ve come a long way and finally have a winner or winners and they couldn’t have deserved it more. I’m just happy the Kasey and Vienna didn’t win only because my theory about how their plan was flawed from the start would have been proven wrong. I just patted myself on the shoulder.

Once again Kasey and Vienna called the win before the challenge began and once again they didn’t win, however, I have to admit that they did a very nice job on the Cirque Du Soleil wall. I felt a bit bad that Ella didn’t end up winning the Bachelor Pad but she just could not get past her fear of heights. I wish her well and hope she wins the lottery or something so she can buy her family a home.

After the challenge Holly and Michael decide to have a talk with the two remaining teams so they could decide who would be the least competitive to compete against.

First they meet with Vienna and Kasey. Vienna tells Kasey to stay calm and not be intense because Holly doesn’t like that sort of behavior. It’s almost as if Kasey decides to do the opposite of Vienna’s advice and was as intense as he can be. Vienna does her own math: “we ran the numbers” but in reality this means ‘We know that we have a very small chance of winning.’ Basically if Mike and Holly chose them then they would clinch it with the other team and their win isn’t guaranteed. After what I thought was a constructive meeting and a job well done for Kasey, Vienna goes negative and tells Kasey how she feels and how he talks too much. I would never hit a girl but in that situation a good b*&tch slapping would have made television gold. Vienna says “I need a muzzle for you.” She pisses him off and takes a swig of beer as Kasey gets up to go to be alone. She then has the audacity to find him, sit down next to him and repeats herself again with same non-constructive negativism as she discussed inside the house. What’s done is done, Vienna. Leave the guy alone. Kasey doesn’t want to hear it.

Michelle and Graham are next. Graham showed his absurd, illogical, Lord of the Flies side of him when he freaks out about the possibility of Michael not choosing him and Money Michelle to stay. Graham questions his friendship and loyalty. “It’s not about money, it’s about friendship. I don’t have too many friends I can call at the end of the day, I thought Michael was one of those but I guess I was wrong.” That was a paraphrased quote but that was the gist. I wonder why you don’t have friends you can call at the end of the day? It’s a game show!

In the end, Michael shows his character and chooses friendship and honesty over shady strategy and keeps Michelle and Graham. At this point I believe that Michael and Holly clinched the win either way but it definitely would have been easier with V and K as their opponents.

Onto the live studio finale.

I’m just going to list my favorite and most awkward or interesting moments:

1. Ames and Jackie. I believe they need a follow up show with Dr. Drew to discuss the psychology behind what happened to Ames in this relationship.

2. Jake’s take on the game. Jake said he came on the show to offer an olive branch and close loose ends with Vienna. I disagree. I think he came on the show to make himself look good and show that Vienna was the crazy one. Jake – 1, Vienna – 0. Well Jake, you’re vindicated.

3. Most Awkward Moment Award: This goes to Vienna. She said that because of editing it made it look like she was mean and rude to Jake the entire time. She said, there was that time when I fell off my chair during charades?” What? Everyone in the audience made weird faces and nobody said anything as she giggled. Crickets, and tumbleweeds were all that were leftover.

Side note: in all due respect I’m sure Vienna is not as crazy as they made her out to be. I understand the power of editing but I hope that both she and Kasey learned about themselves from watching this season and will try to work on themselves and their own relationship.

4. The look on Vienna’s face when Kasey apologized to Jake.

5. BLAKE AND HOLLY announce their engagement before Michael comes out? Is this for real? Engaged? Only in the world of Bachelor Land. How are they engaged already? I mean, if this is real then I wish them a happy and healthy future but it seems so far fetched just from what we saw on the show. I’m a bit confused about this. I was like “errr—“ and my ears went up like a golden retriever as my head turned.

6. Michael’s reaction when he finds out in front of a live studio audience that they were engaged. It was pretty sad actually. I can’t believe they used this as the moment to tell him that they were engaged. “Can I have a glass of water or maybe a commercial break or something?” I’ve changed my mind; it was pretty funny.

In the end, and in my opinion, Michael Stagliano wins the entire show based on his display of character. Holly comes in second place. The fact that Michael Stagliano decides to share the money, which he easily could have kept to himself, shows who he is as a person and that the good guy can come on top in the end. I’m proud that David Good and Michael Stag, two guys on my season, have kept the Bachelor Pad Cup in our season’s family. Good work guys.

To Vienna and Kasey: This is all in good fun. I have met both of you before and have nothing bad to say, but this is TV baby!

I look forward to hosting next season of the Bachelor Pad. Well, maybe someday!

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