Sarah’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 1

As I sit and think about my thoughts on Episode 1, I can’t help but get a little anxiety over writing my first blog. I’ve written dozens and dozens of research papers in Grad School, and for some reason, putting my thoughts together for others to read online is much more nerve-wrecking than having your professor give you a letter grade. Actually, giving blogs a ‘letter-grade’ could be fun, so please feel free to share what grade you think I deserve after reading this; it’ll only help me improve.

This may sound boring, but my favorite part of the entire episode was watching the intros. I really enjoy seeing people in their most comfortable setting, like their home, because I feel as though it’s such a good indicator as to who they really are. Take Chris’ intro for example: his condo was spotless, much like his flawless body, and what a nice condo for a 25 year old! You can totally tell that he works very hard to achieve the goals he sets for himself. Dave’s and SWAT’s intros were also my favorite, as theirs showed what bad asses those guys are. Being a MMA fighter and member of the SWAT team takes a lot of dedication and discipline, so kudos to them! Those are two guys you want on your side during a fight. Although, I can’t help but wonder if Chris’ pajama/candle scene is going to result in some hazing from his SWAT team.

On to night one’s drunken sh*t show: The emotions and adrenaline you feel upon walking into the mansion is rather unexplainable. You immediately feel bonded with everyone, and want to celebrate the new journey you’re about to embark on by taking an obscene amount of shots. I suppose there are other ways to celebrate, but for some of us, it made the most sense. In retrospect, I probably should’ve joined Ryan in only drinking water, as the tequila and champagne I drank brought out my catty 21-year-old alter ego. I’m not quite sure why I called the fans annoying and acted ‘holier than though’ during night one’s cocktail party. Perhaps it was because I felt they would be an easy target from a strategy standpoint, but nonetheless, making catty, snap judgments upon meeting someone is never a smart strategy.

There were a few people, though, that I thought made hilarious first impressions during episode one: Ed & Jaclyn are hands-down two of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and not just when they’ve had one too many cocktails. I’m a bit of a mess at times, and am drawn to people that aren’t perfect all the time, like Jaclyn and Ed. I really respect that they own who they are, regardless of whom they might offend along the way.  Although I’m not sure it’s possible to be offended by Ed’s hot tub shenanigans — by far one of the funniest reality TV moments I’ve ever seen!

As shown after the first challenge, Bachelor Pad is a game where honesty does not bode well at times. David took a brutally honest approach by revealing his game plan to Erica, which if he had lied, I do believe the way night one played-out would have been completely different. Perhaps then Chris and Paige wouldn’t have been eliminated, thus changing the entire course of the game. Hindsight is 20/20, though. I think Michael said it best when explaining how to win the game: “The game is lying. Just avoid conversations — and if you do talk to someone, then lie to them.” That quote alone is great foreshadowing as to what’s only the beginning of a deceitful, yet wildly entertaining season!