Michael Stagliano: Tears, Assault and Cattiness – Night 1 of The Bachelor

Welcome to The Bachelor ­– filled with tears, verbal assault, and cattiness. Ben’s season of The Bachelor should prove to entertain.

Lets start at the start, cool?

First, BEN!  Though I only got to meet him for minutes at the Bachelor Pad 2 Finale, there is something very warm and inviting about him.  The word that stood out to me the most when listening to the girls describe him was “sincere,” and while again, I can’t say I know Ben well at all that certainly seems to be his most shining quality.  It also seems like his sincerity will be paramount in keeping some of these girls strapped down and level headed this season.  It’s going to be a crazy 2 months ahead and I, for one, am glad to have Ben at the helm.  I am completely comfortable saying that he is a very good-looking guy, and not too good looking, you know?  He seems witty, and charming, has a great smile, tall, good hair…he is Bachelor material FO SHO. Throughout my blogs this season I will try to pick out key phrases of his that I like, that show his wit, charm and sense of humor that I have named: “Fla-nick nacks.”  This episode I picked out:

1. “Gotta love a good slug on the arm” after Shawn gave him a firm “buddy pat” like a quarterback would to a wide receiver in the NFL.

2. Though it’s not a direct quote, I was cracking up when he was “mocking” Emily and her rap…I think it shows that he is playful and has the ability to laugh at others and himself in a loving way.

3. When Lindzi said, “I’m glad it’s you.” And he immediately responded, “I am glad its YOU.”  For lack of a manlier way to say it…so cute.  He is the friggin’ BACHELOR and that little word-play with Lindzi shows that he doesn’t take himself seriously and considers others equally, if not more, important than he is…even when he is THE BACHELOR.  So dope.

Now, the ladies: definitely some winners in the bunch and I will say that I was pleased with Ben’s night-one picks but… holy craziness.  Obviously, Jenna is the emotional, even “unstable” one. I must say though that half way through the episode I really just wanted to give her a hug.  Perhaps, it is because my younger sister’s name is Jenna, but I also couldn’t help but feel bad for her.  Honestly, night one is a sh*t storm.  It’s like being at a frat party that goes until 5AM.  Please take my word for it; it is easy to lose your cool.  Jenna if you are reading this, keep your head up. :)

(Okay, I got sidetracked) Back to the ladies:

Girls I like:

Lindzi (a lot)… Loved the horse entrance, it wasn’t too much.  She seems to be the right fit for Ben, wasn’t shocked at all that she got the First Impression Rose.

Kacie B… The lover. Interested to learn more about her.

Shawn… Seems grounded and established in a career, love the motherly side with her son Gavin.

Emily… Man was it a cheese-fest, but I’ve got to say I like the Purell/mouth spray first-kiss combo.  Even the rap was super clever and funny if you really listened to it.

Girls I like…not so much:

Holly: (hahaha, yea…yea I am sure you all know why I don’t love this one ;)) I just think that hat was out of control.  I was immediately distracted and it covered her face…not a good choice.

Erika:  “The verdict” line was brutal…I covered my eyes while she said it.

Amber (Baconator):  How does that happen?  How does no one tell her before she goes on National Television…”DON’T CALL YOURSELF BACONATOR!” Someone immediately thinks of, oh gosh, I don’t know…pigs, bacon, Wendy’s, large truck drivers… Are any of these words/images, things you want a man to think about when looking at you? Yikes.

Samantha:  The pageant sash.  While it is impressive and I do understand that pageants are much more than a beauty contest, it takes character, poise and talent to win one. It’s just very loud, forward and off-putting to “wear” an accomplishment like that the first night.

Girl I love (Yeah, I am a one woman man):

Nikki:  Looked beautiful, soft spoken, tender, charming, great smile/laugh.  Got butterflies when I saw this one :)  And despite her occupation in dentistry (and we all know how I feel about dentists, hahaha) She was stunning.  #love

Stand out moments:

A.  “Share a tampon.” That line from Jenna, dropped my jaw.  Not only is the mental image horrific, but also I can’t imagine a context where that would ever be “ok” to say. Thank you ABC for supplying one.

B.  The lezzy love between Monica and Blakeley was outstanding. I know when I drink I get super affectionate so I can’t totally bash her on that one.  But I would bet my BP2 winnings that it is not the end of the MB love affair.  It was like Grey’s Anatomy…only terrible to watch.

C.  Ben’s interview before the ladies arrived was pretty cookie cutter to me.  Nothing special, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that Ben and Chris wore the EXACT same outfit.  And I am not even knocking Ben here…Chris is a phenomenal dresser.  I’d steal from his wardrobe constantly if I were allowed.  Much love CH.

D.  Jenna being “late” to the rose ceremony.  Oh god.  This was like watching a pedophile in a day care, and having armed SWAT with shotguns loaded, standing around the room…waiting.  You honestly didn’t know if she was going to pull her hair out and attack Monica, or pass out, go rip her clothes off and maul Ben.  Now again, I feel bad for Jenna so I don’t mean to make fun of her.  I do mean to point out that THAT moment of the show was awkward city and Jenna was the Mayor.  Yikes.

The preview for what’s ahead was a doozy.  I think that there are dark clouds ahead, thunder and lightening is certainly on the radar, but despite the ominous black figured (even cloaked) women at the ending, saying she had an emotional 180 and isn’t ready to be a wife… I think Ben will pull through and will find his way into clear blue skies.

That is my hope anyway…

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I also want to finish by saying thanks to ABC, NZK and everyone involved in the production.   You make the adventure possible and very rarely thanked for it.  It hasn’t always been the smoothest ride, and with bumps in the road, tears, some hard conversations and having them be involved with 3 years of my life now.  I must say, that I have never been happier and a large part of that is because the opportunity that they gave me, and that they give us all who boldly step into that mansion

Much love to everyone in 2012.

May your days be long and productive, your nights filled with restful sleep and colorful dreams.  And if you haven’t figured out what it’s all about yet…

…I promise you it has everything to do with #love