Tenley’s Bachelor Blog: Finale

Recipes for your Bachelor Viewing Party

Finale Night


The day has come, one of the biggest days of Bachelor Nation for 2013, Finale Night. Sean will be declaring his love for one of the two women left standing at his side, he could even be proposing… which I will assume that he did since it’s pretty much Bachelor protocol even if I disagree. ;) So who will it be?! Catherine or Lindsay? I love them both for what we get to see on TV, I can tell that he has a special relationship with each woman…uh oh. Can you imagine how his chosen one is feeling right now watching? Ugh. That is one thing I was grateful for being the “runner up”, I had never imagined how hard it would be to be engaged and watch your significant others loves story unravel with other women while he was also falling in love with you. (Remember Emily mentioning how hard this was when watching Brad’s season?) So hard, but if they nourish their relationship right, they can make it and get through this and possibly even make it down the aisle. :)

I think Lindsay is sweet, funny, and they have a very “good” relationship, and they look very nice together- heehee… I know, that doesn’t matter. But I’m not sure that they have depth. I know they have romance, but there is a difference between romance and depth. I think that Catherine is very fun-loving, playful, and there seems to be the ability for depth… but I’m thrown off by his decision making a few weeks ago when he wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep Ashlee or Catherine around, however, he could have been madly in love with Catherine from day one and we could have totally missed it! I can’t wait to see who it is and what goes down. I really do think Sean is a good man and has been a solid and genuine Bachelor. I’ve enjoyed this season.

I’m also looking forward to the After the Final Rose. Unlike the Women Tell All, I did get to attend the ATFR. I’m looking forward to seeing the reunion between Sean and the “runner up” and seeing what is in store for her. I personally had moved on from Jake by the time we filmed the ATFR, but it’s crazy how when you watch that final episode for the first time in front of a live audience how it can bring back memories and emotions so quickly. I will be rooting for the girl that will be in the shoes I was once in as it’s a sensitive but good place to be. I will of course also be rooting and gushing with Sean and his chosen one as they celebrate their love publicly… finally!

Cheers to another season of the Bachelor and to Sean’s new love and their future! Cheers to the rest of the girls of this season, may they all find true happiness and love in God’s perfect timing! Thank you all so much for sharing this season with me through Twitter and Facebook and for letting me share my Bachelor Viewing party recipes with all of you.

Now to the Kitchen… another busy week and I’ve got a big gathering taking place this evening and haven’t prepared anything yet. I’ve decided to go to my favorite staples and I know that these choices will be a hit! I’ve also delegated a few items to others this evening to make it a bit easier. Definitely give a few of your friends a call and ask them to bring an appetizer, salad, some wine and focus on this simple, healthy, filling, delicious entree and perfect sweet bite to end your night! Remember, it’s 3 hours tonight, make sure you have some good food to keep everyone satisfied and happy.

*Because spring break is around the corner I’m making “healthier” options as often as I can to stay on track with the Lifestyle Plan that keeps me feeling good- so everything on tonight’s menu (even the wine) is “Nutrition Plan Approved”. ;) You can feel good about these menu options tonight!

Your Recipes…



“Pasta-less” Spaghetti


This is one of my FAVORITE meals!! Spaghetti Squash is probably my favorite discovery in the last year, I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about it! Everybody loves italian food so this is a perfect healthy entree to build a menu around. You can of course make it vegetarian easily by not adding any meat to the sauce or even have two different sauce pans going (one meat sauce & one without). This entree is naturally gluten free – BUT please beware of Spaghetti Sauces if you need to cut corners and buy a pre-made sauce. Make sure it’s gluten free. Most sauces that are organic and have very simple ingredients (all which you should recognize) should be fine. Most sauces will actually say that they’re gluten free, so that’s your best bet!


-Preheat oven to 400 degrees

-Cut Spaghetti Squash in half, long ways

-Scoop out seeds and throw them away

-Spread grapeseed oil, garlic (or garlic salt), and ground pepper on the squash meat (I usually spread this mixture with my hands, massaging into the squash meat)

-Lay the squash rind side down, meat side up on a baking sheet and place in the oven.

-Cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour

-Take a fork and scrape from one end to the other getting all of the meat loose from the rind. You will have noodle like squash being loosened from the rind. Once you have all of your spaghetti loose you can add the sauce of your choice just like you would any pasta dish. An organic tomato based sauce is best.

Tips on Sauce:

I use ground turkey for my choice of meat and brown that with some grapeseed oil, minced garlic (you can use garlic salt/powder), dried oregano, Italian seasonings (from my spice rack). You can also sautee onions and mushrooms separately and add into this mixture. Once meat is cooked I use an organic tomato sauce and add my cooked ground turkey to the sauce pan and bring to boil. I then add in more spices and garlic! You can play around with your sauce with all of the organic ingredients you want!


Easy Bites…


Caprese Skewers

*This photo does not belong to me*

This is a “piece of cake” appetizer! This is something I delegated to a friend because I knew it would be easy and it feels perfectly with our menu!

Simply stack cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and buffalo mozzarella on a skewer or a fancy toothpick. Drizzle or dip in Balsamic vinegar for extra flavor!


Get Your Greens…

A big green salad is perfect to add to this menu. I have another friend bringing a salad, I recommended some dark greens (spinach, kale, etc), walnuts, avocado, and the ideas for a salad are endless- we’ll see what she comes up with! It’s always important to keep the dressing separate when hosting others for varying allergies and sensitivities. Many people don’t realize that many dressings contain gluten. I always keep my own special dressing handy and out for all to use! It’s a healthy, simple, and zesty option!

Simple Lemon Dressing

Find something to make your dressing in, I found this perfect little jar so I can shake it up and it looks nice on the table.

Squeeze tons of lemon juice straight from fresh organic lemons into your serving dish/jar/shaker add fresh ground sea salt and black pepper and shake it up! That’s it! So easy and insanely healthy and delicious!


Sweet Something…


Peanut Butter Bites


These peanut butter bites are always a hit! They’re a perfect sweet treat and are packed with some good stuff too! These are from the Nutrition Plan I live by! You’ll be making these all the time!


-1 cup Organic Creamy Peanut Butter (you can also use almond butter, this is how I’ve been making them lately)

-1 cup Organic Honey

-1 cup Gluten Free Oats (Gluten Free oats if you’re Gfree like me, otherwise these are not Gluten Free treats)

-1 cup Diced dried Apricots

-1 cup Sliced/slivered Almonds

-Cinnamon to taste (optional)

-Dark chocolate chips (optional)


1) In medium size pot, on lowest heat- warm up the Honey & Peanut Butter until texture is runny. You are not cooking it, just mixing around until it is smooth.

2) Mix in diced Apricots, sliced Almonds and Oats

3) Stir until all ingredients are well coated

4) Cool in fridge for at least 45 minutes

5) Roll into small bite sized balls (about 1 tbsp)


-If you are Gluten Free use G-free oats, these are not gluten free using regular oats

-I was in a hurry making my bites so I threw them in the freezer to cool them down, then I rolled them while they were still a little warm and then put them back in the freezer for them to chill quickly!



Something to say “Cheers” with…

This evening is all about enjoying the three hour show with your closest friends. Sit back with a glass of red wine which would pair nicely with your entree, appetizer, and salad! Then say cheers to Sean and his lucky lady with a glass of champagne! I’ve delegated drinks this evening to my guests to bring, so I’m sure we’ll have an assortment! ;)

Of course, drink responsibly!

Again, it has been an awesome season and I have loved sharing it with all of you! Now… who will be our bachelorette?!


Happy Bachelor Finale Viewing!