The Baan San Fan Orphanage

The Baan San Fan Orphanage, located in the Phang Nga province in Southern Thailand, was hit hard after a massive tsunami in 2004. This season on The Bachelorette, we were able to give back to this orphanage by painting and rebuilding. We provided beds, toys, and soccer fields to the children; and through generous donations from viewers like Karen Golin, Cydney Rubenstein and Shannon Ueberfluss, they were gifted with beautiful hand made quilts! Generous monetary donations, like that of Deane Conley, have also helped so we can continue to do more!

Now Baan San Fan has a capacity of 40 with financial backing for 12 children. The tsunami has long since passed, but its affects are still very present. The orphanage is now working to become a self-sustainable venue and has begun by using its resources. Check out the link below to see some of the great products you can purchase through the orphanage and find out how you can help make a difference!