The Baan San Fan Orphanage

The Ban San Fan Orphanage, located in the Phang Nga province in Southern Thailand, was hit hard after a massive tsunami  in 2004 left huge devastation. Thousands of people were killed, leaving behind several hundred orphans.

Ashley and the Bachelors were inspired by Baan San owners Sam and Gai, who came to the area looking to help and wound up taking in a group of children living in tents.  They have now built housing and created a community to provide a family for these orphans.

We were able to give back to Baan San Fan by painting their buildings, providing soccer fields and giving them shoes, toys, bicycles and beds to make this place feel more like home for the children.  But the Orphanage still lacks the financial resources to take in more kids. Each year, they must turn away children because they don’t have the money to  provide for them.

Please donate whatever you can to help the Baan San Orphanage.  They need your support to provide food, housing, and schooling for these children.