Congrats to Juan Pablo on being named the new Bachelor! And good news, ladies: The search continues for Americaโ€™s most eligible women, as the popular relationship show preparing for its 18th season!

Do you have the charm, style, class and charisma to become America’s next leading lady? Do you want to meet Juan Pablo for all the right reasons? Are you dreaming of being the last woman standing at the most. dramatic. rose. ceremony. ever?

When youโ€™re ready, apply online to be on the next season of The Bachelor โ€” or nominate someone today by visiting http://thebachelor.tv and submitting an application or nomination form.

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Greetings Bachelor Nation!

Do you love watching The Bachelorette on Monday nights?

Would you love it even more if Desiree and Chris Harrison joined you?

That’s right: the Bachelor Nation Party Bus IS BACK!!!

If you are in Manhattan on June 10th or Los Angeles on June 24th, that could happen.

Tell us about your weekly viewing parties and if we feel like it’s big enough, fun enough, or even just weird enough, you might get a knock on your door from Desiree and Chris Harrison.

Send us an email toย bachelortv@gmail.com and tell us about your Monday nights. How many people? What do you serve? How long have you been doing it?

Send your name, email, phone number and contact information and hopefully you’ll be hearing from us soon.

Desiree and Chris Harrison & even some more surprise guests are looking forward to meeting you!!!

Hello Bachelor Nation!

One of the things we like most about you is how interactive we all get to be.
We love the brackets and the games, and we especially love when you get together Monday nights to watch our show with your friends and family.

So, we’ve decided to shoot a segment about our favorite part of the show: You!

If you have a viewing party, we want to come and check it out. Show us your games, show us your menu, show us how you celebrate being a part of Bachelor Nation every Monday!

Here’s what you need to know:

June 10th – We’ll be in Manhattan, NY
June 24th – We’ll be in Los Angeles, CA

Email us the details of your weekly viewing parties at bachelorTV@gmail.com
We want to hear all about it. The bigger, the better.

Please make sure you’re in THOSE locations and are available THOSE nights.
Those that are pre-selected will get a call from us with more details as those dates get closer.

Make sure to include a contact name, phone number, and email address.
Pics of past parties help too.

We can’t wait to meet you, Bachelor Nation! Thanks for making us who we are!