The Bachelor – Episode 1208 – The Women Tell All

It’s an explosive reunion viewers won’t want to miss, as the most memorable bachelorettes from this season — including Ashlee, Carri, Marshana, Robin and Stacey — return to confront Matt — and each other — one last time on national television, to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. Matt reveals he has met someone that is his “perfect match.” Plus, Matt and some of the bachelorettes will be put on the hot seat for a revealing question-and-answer session with Chris Harrison.

Emotions run to a fever pitch between these feisty women. Stacey, one of the wildest bachelorettes, brings Matt another pair of panties. Robin, one of the most disliked women in the house, is accused by the rest of the bachelorettes of not being there for love, but for the competition. Then Robin and Marshana dramatically face off. Marshana attacks Robin for her abrasiveness and for being intentionally mean. When Robin attempts to defend herself, she is dispatched with diva-like flair by Marshana. Marshana also tries to explain the reason behind all the drama and why she felt she was disrespected by women in the house.

And a devastated Amanda reveals that she thought she was the one Matt would choose in the end, and that their fairytale date in Barbados was just “the beginning of their story.” She challenges Matt about why he never voiced any concerns about their relationship.

It’s the bachelorettes like you’ve never seen them before! The hour also includes a special sneak peek at the final episode. Who is the woman that Matt says he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with?

The Bachelor – Episode 1209 – Season Finale

Matt faces the excruciating decision of having to choose between Chelsea and Shayne before he makes the commitment of his life. This gripping season finale is filled with romance and ends with one heartbroken bachelorette in tears — and the other engaged to be married.

Matt invites Chelsea and Shayne to London to meet his family — his mother, Trish, his father, Tony, and brother, Simon. Who will the family think is best suited for Matt?

Then, with time running out, the Bachelor returns to Barbados for his final two dates. Chelsea takes this last opportunity to pour out her feelings for Matt and gives him a heartfelt gift: a California Survival Kit with items representative of their future life together. Shayne also professes her love for Matt and gives him a photo gift of her spelling out “I love you” in the sand.

In preparation for his final decision, Matt chooses a Tacori engagement ring, valued at $60,000. After each woman professes her love one last time, Matt delivers a devastating rejection, and a tearful and heartbroken bachelorette must walk away from the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. Then, in the most anticipated moment of the season, in a deeply romantic scene, Matt gets down on his one knee and offers his final rose — and an engagement ring with a life-changing proposal to the woman who has captured his heart. Will it be Chelsea or Shayne?

The Bachelor – Episode 1207

Romantic adventures await Matt and the final three women — Amanda, Chelsea and Shayne — as they travel to the Caribbean for overnight dates in Barbados. From beautiful seaside excursions to exotic jungle adventures, the dates are filled with excitement and passion, as Matt continues to explore what his future would be like with each of these potential mates. At the end of each evening, the Bachelor has the opportunity to present the bachelorette with an invitation to spend the night in a “fantasy suite,” with the hope that she will accept. But will she? It’s a wild, romantic ride with each of the women — until Matt has to make a heart-wrenching decision to eliminate one of them.

Matt takes Shayne on the ride of her life as they Jet Ski through crystal blue waters. After some sexy play in the sea, they relax on a private beach…then they spend the evening at a private villa. Shayne puts it all out there so that Matt knows exactly how she feels. She admits that she’s falling in love.

Amanda takes a leap of faith with Matt on a thrilling day of zip lining through the lush Barbadian jungle; together, they conquer their fears. Then at dinner, Amanda challenges herself yet again, laying her heart on the line and explaining why she’s been holding back. She expresses her feelings to Matt to prove that she doesn’t want to lose him, and hopes that she isn’t too late.

Finally, Matt takes Chelsea on an exhilarating swim with sea turtles. But the date isn’t all fun. Concerned that she is too distant, the Bachelor questions Chelsea’s intentions and asks her some tough questions at dinner. Frightened that she’ll lose him, Chelsea opens up and admits that she’s falling for Matt but has been cautious, given that there are still two other women in the picture.

Matt is more confused than ever as he heads into the rose ceremony in Barbados. With three women and only two roses, he must make a tough decision. One woman is sent home in tears, and the final two bachelorettes prepare to travel to London to meet Matt’s family.

The Bachelor – Episode 1206

The stakes are high for Matt as he leaves his Malibu home for an exciting, emotionally charged journey across the country to visit the final four women’s hometowns.

In Los Angeles, Matt meets Shayne’s family separately because her parents are divorced. Although her famous father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, tells Matt that Shayne wants to be a star, she immediately sets the record straight that her feelings for Matt are real and that she is looking for love, not a “starring role.” Lorenzo warns him, however, not to toy with his daughter. And then, in a fatherly chat, he advises Shayne to follow her heart. Shayne’s mother, Michelle, and sister, Dakota, roll out the red carpet for Matt with a full-fledged English-style dinner of beef Wellington and Yorkshire pudding. Michelle cautions Matt that life with an actress can be difficult, but he is surprised and pleased to find out that, although she is young, Shayne is actually the caretaker of the family.

Matt then travels to Durango, Colorado, to join Chelsea and her family. At dinner, Matt feels instantly at ease with Chelsea’s parents, Addie and Kerry, but they grill him with some tough relationship questions. During a personal chat with Addie, Matt reveals his concern about Chelsea’s mixed display of affection, but confides that he is falling for her. And in a father-daughter talk, Kerry tells his daughter to take the gamble and open herself up to Matt. She finally agrees that she needs to put herself out there or risk losing her chance at happiness, but will it be too late?

Next, Noelle plays host to the Bachelor in the scenic mountain town of Loveland, Colorado. Matt is desperately hoping that she will finally open up to him, but when she reveals that he is one of only two guys she has ever brought home to meet her family, the pressure is on. Her parents and her two sisters meet them at a local dude ranch. Noelle reveals to her father that she is falling for Matt and her dad counsels her to open her heart and go for it. After a wonderful family get-together, the couple spend some alone time together and Noelle takes her dad’s advice. Now, Matt is more confused than ever about the challenging choice that lies ahead of him.

Matt’s final hometown visit takes him to see the all-American beauty with the “meeps” (hiccups), Amanda, in Niceville, Florida. What seems like a normal visit with her parents, “Sue” and “Paul,” soon goes awry. Little does Matt know that Amanda has set up the ultimate practical joke: the two “parents” are stand-ins, and they’ve been instructed to act as wild and crazy as possible. Matt totally falls for the hoax, and gets extremely edgy when “Sue” starts coming on to him and the “parents” start bickering vociferously. But will the gag backfire on Amanda?

With only four women and three roses, Matt make one of the most difficult decisions of his life, dispatching one broken-hearted bachelorette in tears as he prepares to take the final three women on fantastic overnight dates to Barbados.

The Bachelor – Episode 1205

A lucky Chelsea prepares for her crucial one-on-one date with Matt, as he worries if there is any real chemistry between them, or if they are perhaps just good friends. At a beautiful candlelit dinner, she lays her heart on the line, telling Matt how she really feels about him. The evening ends with some intimate time alone together in the Bachelor’s cabin.

Matt and four of the bachelorettes — Amanda, Marshana, Robin and Shayne — hit the slopes for another spirited face-off. Matt takes Amanda and Marshana, who have never skied before, under his wing and gives each of them a private lesson — with mixed results. The handsome Brit shares an intimate kiss with Shayne, an expert snowboarder. Robyn interrupts the couple, upset with Matt for not spending any one-on-one time with her, but, after they talk, she seems reassured of their connection. He surprises the four ladies with a hot trip to a spa as a magical finish to the day.

Noelle and Matt go off for a romantic evening of ice skating under the stars. She overcomes her shyness and fear of opening up to the Bachelor when they both discover they’re not the best ice skaters. Afterwards, inside a cozy winter cabin, Matt confides that he has been attracted to her from the start. At long last, Noelle feels comfortable about letting her guard down and expressing her feelings for him. A passionate kiss before the roaring fire seals the night. Meanwhile, back at the ski condo, the remaining women have it out and almost come to blows, until Shayne steps in and breaks it up.

At the villa in Malibu, Matt prepares for a crucial rose ceremony, questioning one woman’s overconfidence and another’s obsession with her connection to the other women and not him. Matt must narrow the field to just four women — the four who will invite him into their families’ homes — while two leave brokenhearted. And for one bachelorette, it’s the shock of a lifetime.

The Bachelor – Episode 1204

Six ladies join Matt center court for a fun afternoon of tennis. Ashlee and Chelsea excel on the court, while Kelly and Shayne take the game less seriously, doing handstands on the sidelines and flashing their underwear. When Matt invites the women to a proper English tea, Robin — the least liked woman in the house — tries to monopolize Matt’s attention with her knowledge of England. When the other bachelorettes confront Robin about her behavior, she breaks down in tears, claiming that she doesn’t understand them. Matt finally hands out a rose to one of the bachelorettes, keeping her safe for the next rose ceremony.

Next, Matt steps back in time to the 1950s with Amanda R. for a memorable individual date, enjoying an evening of vintage cars, burgers and fun on the Santa Monica Pier. At a retro diner, he shares a dance and a kiss with her, then has to decide whether to hand her a rose to completely fulfill his Americana fantasy.

On a two-on-one date, Marshana and Holly join Matt at his swanky Bachelor pad for an evening of home cooking. While the two bachelorettes enjoy Matt’s company and his cuisine, the women back at the mansion heatedly debate which of the two will be sent home. By the end of the evening, Matt offers a rose to one woman, while the other leaves brokenhearted in tears. As that bachelorette’s bags are being taken away at the mansion, the remaining women stare in disbelief, shocked by Matt’s decision.

The conversations become more serious at the cocktail party as each woman tries to convince Matt to give her a rose. Ashlee reassures the Bachelor of her intentions; Amanda confides her fears about the other women; and Kelly tries to impress Matt by behaving more outrageously than ever. After an incredibly emotional rose ceremony, Matt must pare down the group from nine to six women.

The Bachelor – Episode 1203

On the first one-on-one date, Matt escorts Holly to Mann’s Chinese Theater for a private Hollywood movie screening of the upcoming romantic comedy “Made of Honor,” starring Patrick Dempsey. Treated like celebrities, the two walk the red carpet, are blinded by the flash of paparazzi cameras, interviewed by television crews and even cast their handprints in cement like the big-screen stars.

A lusty group date finds 10 bachelorettes facing off in a game of rugby. The competition gets ugly when Marshana falls to the ground after getting elbowed in the face. Later, Matt takes the women back to his pad to wind down, but not before Kelly steals him away for a sensual massage. Then Robin removes him for some one-on-one time; she reveals her feelings for him and plants a kiss. Matt eventually decides to hand out the date rose to the woman who wowed him on the rugby field.

On the second one-on-one date, the Bachelor picks up Shayne in his Maserati for a romantic evening at a winery in Ojai, California. She reveals that her famous father is actor Lorenzo Lamas. She stresses to Matt that although she is only 22, she is really ready to get married and, coming from a broken home, never wants to get divorced. The couple continues the conversation over dinner; later, they become intimate with a hot kiss by the fire.

Matt tries to snag as much one-on-one time with as many women as possible at the cocktail party to determine which women are right for him. And the bachelorettes set off fireworks trying to make a lasting impression on Matt. Chelsea steals a kiss from the Bachelor, Noelle breaks down crying because she hasn’t gotten time alone with Matt and Robin steals him away, causing an uproar among the other women. The bachelorettes then confront Robin, the most hated woman in the house. Later Matt sends three women home in tears, leaving nine bachelorettes to continue the fairytale journey.

The Bachelor – Episode 1202

On the first group date, Matt takes eight bachelorettes to a fashion show, only to reveal that the only models on the catwalk will be them. The private fashion show for the Bachelor turns into a temptress battle as the women attempt to impress Matt with their sexy moves on the runway. Later, at a swank Hollywood hotel, Matt escorts the women to a chic after party where Marshana confronts Matt about his feelings on interracial dating. Michelle P. professes her love for Matt by singing him a song she wrote for him. Matt wastes no time giving out his first kiss of the season to one lucky bachelorette and then immediately handing her a rose, exclaiming that she was “the hottest thing on the runway.” Back at the house, the jealousy over the rose is fierce, with one of the women embarrassing the rose recipient for her juvenile gloating behavior in front of all the other girls.

Matt treats a second group of seven women to a glittering evening at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. With a rose at stake, he ups the ante and challenges the women to collect the most chips in one hour of gambling to win some special quality time with him. Robin breaks the rules and pulls Matt aside for her own one-on-one time with him, while Shayne decides to bet it all on roulette and loses. At the end of the contest, the winning bachelorette is treated to an exclusive champagne and dessert one-on-one with the Bachelor. Shayne, upset at losing her chance to spend time with Matt, has an emotional confrontation with the Bachelor that doesn’t go well.

Later that evening at the after party, the bachelorettes show off their talents in an effort to snatch the date rose. Robin plays classical piano for Matt while Chelsea lays her heart on the line. When Matt finally gives out his rose for that night, the rest of the women stare with daggers in their eyes at the one he chooses. Shayne, afraid that she’s ruined her chances forever, ends up in the ladies room crying.

An emotional and intense cocktail party begins as Matt needs to make another difficult decision. The women still compete for his roses: Carri sings opera, Marshana steals a slow dance and Shayne tries to save herself. Later, Matt must eliminate three ladies at the rose ceremony, leaving 12 bachelorettes to stay in the race for his heart.

The Bachelor – Episode 1201

University in Cambridge. His fondest dream is to share stories and a laugh at the end of the day with someone special, and his sexy good looks, intelligence and strong family ties make him a perfect catch.

In this season’s premiere, Matt moves into his Malibu bachelor pad and prepares for the night of his life — a fabulous party with 25 beautiful American bachelorettes. As the women arrive and discover that Matt is British, they are knocked off their feet by his handsome good looks, his sexy accent and his British sense of humor.

With a “first impression rose” on the table, the women vie for Matt’s attention. One woman models a beautiful sari-inspired dress that she made by hand while another sexy lady in red challenges him to an impressive arm wrestling match. Then, a stunning mysterious blonde welcomes our Bachelor to Hollywood, explaining to him that she is an actress with a famous father and grandparents.

As the moment of decision approaches, the bachelorettes pull Matt in different directions, trying their best to impress him. One woman sings Matt a song she wrote especially for him, while another woman performs a classical selection on her clarinet. One dramatic lady demonstrates her ability to bite a tin can in half. And, in the most shocking moment of the evening, one out-of-control bachelorette takes off her panties and slips them into Matt’s pocket.

The pressure mounts as the evening goes on, and sparks fly between the bachelorettes as Matt finally gives out the “first impression” rose. Matt feels certain that his future wife is among this group of women; however, before the evening ends, he must eliminate 10 of the 25 women, leaving 15 to compete for his affections and, in the end, his heart.

Romantic and adventurous dates will reach new heights this season, as some of the women are taken to a sexy fashion show — only to be surprised to find out they are the models. Las Vegas is the backdrop for a glittering evening of gambling and partying in a fabulous suite at the Paris Las Vegas hotel. One woman is treated to a private Hollywood movie screening at the legendary Mann’s Chinese Theater, as the couple gets the “red carpet” treatment by the paparazzi. A sexy game of Matt’s favorite English sport, rugby, a fun afternoon of tennis and English tea, a classic 1950s Americana date, a home-cooked meal by the Bachelor himself and a glamorous group date on the snowy slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho, will test the ladies’ perseverance in pursuing their romantic objective, along with fun, exciting and exotic dates that will elicit real and raw passions.

As in the past, women will continue to be eliminated each week; at any point along the way, should a woman decide that she’s no longer interested in the Bachelor, she can reject his invitation to continue dating. Some lucky women will meet his family, and he will visit their hometowns for a slice of their life in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.

At the end of the journey, the Bachelor may quite possibly have found true love. But will he pop the question, and will she say yes?

The Bachelor – Episode 1200 – Where Are They Now?

Who is the all-time favorite Bachelor? Who is the sexiest Bachelor? Who is the least favorite Bachelor? What was the most dramatic moment in Bachelor history and what was the most romantic? These questions and more were asked in an exclusive poll, and the answers will be revealed during the special. And how has life been treating popular past Bachelors Andrew Firestone and Aaron Buerge? Fans will get an opportunity to find out what’s going on with some of their favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes right now. Have they found true love or are they still searching for that special someone?

Plus, get a sneak preview of the new Bachelor’s upcoming journey as Londoner Matt Grant, a global financier and the first international Bachelor in the history of the popular romance reality series, gets ready to start his search for love. Viewers will also have the chance to catch up with Andrew, Aaron and others in the Bachelor Hall of Fame. Also featured will be an at-home visit with favorite “Bachelor” couple, Trista and Ryan Sutter, who’ve had a recent addition to their family — their adorable son, Max.

Fans will also find out the scoop on some of the most beloved and infamous Bachelorettes, including real estate agent DeAnna Pappas, who gets a second chance at love when she stars in the fourth edition of “The Bachelorette” this summer. DeAnna will have the last laugh after she suffered through a painful, last-minute rejection by Brad Womack during last season’s “The Bachelor.” There will also be an update on the other woman Womack rebuffed, Jenni Croft, the Phoenix Suns dancer.

What of some of the other Bachelorettes? What ever happened to Sarah Brice, the labor and delivery nurse Charlie O’Connell selected as his chosen one? Or Moana Dixon, the last woman eliminated during Dr. Travis Stark’s stint as “The Bachelor”? And who could forget Erica Rose, the Houston socialite and unrepentant “princess” who was proudly “high maintenance” during Lorenzo Borghese’s turn on the series? Also, remember how hot things got for former New York Giants quarterback and fifth Bachelor, Jesse Palmer, when model Trish Schneider decided she would not take “no” for an answer and offered Jesse a chance to change his mind about eliminating her?

Reminisce about these moments and more on “The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?”