The Bachelor – Episode 1511

It’s an explosive reunion viewers won’t want to miss, as the most memorable bachelorettes from this season – including Alli, Ashley H., Ashley S., Britt, Jackie, Madison, Melissa, Michelle and Raichel — return to confront each other and Brad one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. Michelle, the season’s most controversial bachelorette, comes under fire from the other women. Will she fight back and be her fiery self or will viewers see another, softer side of her personality? Will sparks fly when Melissa and Raichel face off again after their volatile argument that likely cost both a chance to be with Brad? A devastated Ashley H. admits she still has regrets about her last date with Brad, but what has she learned from her experience? And will Ashley S. find the closure she never got from the Bachelor after her disastrous two-on-one date? A sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelorettes – Chantal and Emily — will be featured.

Michelle is the target for the women’s wrath. The bachelorettes confront her about her whole approach to dating Brad and how her snarky comments about the other women really ruffled their feathers. A tearful Michelle admits that her behavior is a defense mechanism and that she feels guilty for leaving her daughter. She claims that she really came on the show to find love for both her and her daughter. But that just sets the women off more. Sarah, Jackie and Stacey pile on with Michelle becoming hysterical. But Britt defends her and wonders why anyone would take her behavior so seriously given how beautiful and funny she is.

Nothing has changed between Melissa and Raichel since their explosive fight at the beginning of the series. They go at each other as Melissa tries to explain herself, but Raichel immediately reverts to calling her “poisonous” and “toxic” and blames her for ruining her chances with Brad. But the other women jump in and point to the error of both their ways in an effort to calm both of them down.

When a distraught Ashley H. takes the hot seat, she admits that she didn’t really hear Brad when he tried to tell her how he felt about her the whole time and that her retracting from him in the end was a way of protecting herself. Was she truly in love with Brad? This was an eye-opening experience for Ashley H. and she reveals how she has changed because of it.

Ashley S., who had one of the most emotional departures of the season, discusses the impact her past bad relationships have had on her and why she was hopeful dating Brad and getting the “first impression” rose. Her optimism turned to despair when Brad rejected her in Las Vegas, telling her she wasn’t the woman he saw as his wife. She compares it to “a dagger to her heart.”

Then Brad takes the hot seat and is confronted by the women he rejected. What will he tell Ashley S., Michelle and Ashley H. about his decisions to move on without them?

However, in talking about the woman he chose in the end, Brad reveals that he is happier than any other time in his life. The woman has changed his life and he has fallen in love with her more and more each day.

It’s the bachelorettes like you’ve never seen them before! The special also includes a sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelorettes.

The Bachelor – Episode 1510

In this dramatic conclusion, Brad, who came back for a second chance at love, prepares to make one of the most difficult choices of this life. His search for love is now narrowed down to two very different women – Chantal and Emily — and he is falling in love with both of them. Now, after having his family meet them in Cape Town, South Africa, and under immense pressure, he must make one final heart-wrenching decision that could change his life forever. After three years of soul-searching, will he be able to propose to one of the women — and will she say yes? — on the season finale of “The Bachelor.”

With his search for his soul mate over, emotions run high, as Brad, talks to Chris Harrison about both Chantal and Emily, taking us back to those final days in South Africa. Three couples who have found their own soul mates on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” – Ali & Roberto, Jason & Molly and Trista & Ryan — return to share the very distinct ways in which they have found lasting happiness. Then the woman who received Brad’s final rose joins him for the first time in public as a couple. They discuss the high and lows of their relationship, their near wedding plans that went awry, the difficulty of sustaining a relationship in secret and what the future holds for them. It’s the emotional ending to Brad’s heartfelt journey to finally find true love, on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.”

As Brad prepares to make the decision that might change his life forever, he reunites with his family who will meet the final two women and, hopefully, will be able to offer him some valuable advice. Chantal arrives first and immediately professes her love for Brad. She assures the family that she has learned from her divorce and now knows exactly whom she wants in her life. She is so certain that Brad is that man, she tells his family she is ready to marry him right now. Brad’s family is drawn to Chantal’s outgoing personality, and Brad is thrilled that they think she would fit right in with them.

Chantal has set the bar high for Emily, and when she arrives, she is filled with anxiety. The tension escalates when Brad reveals to his family that Emily has a daughter. When she recounts the heartbreaking story of how her ex-fiance died in a plane crash, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. But Brad’s family is now more concerned about whether he’s really ready to step into fatherhood.

Brad’s family is impressed by both women. Now — more confused than ever — Brad hopes that his final individual dates with the bachelorettes will bring clarity as to whom he should choose to be his future wife.

Brad’s last date with Chantal, whom he considers a very strong woman, will test the love she feels for him as they go swimming with sharks. After slipping into wetsuits and submerging in shark-infested waters in a cage, Chantal is justifiably terrified. But she knows she must do whatever is necessary to prove her love for him. Later that night with the adrenaline rush behind them, Chantal opens up her heart to Brad. She may truly be the woman for him.

The next day Brad takes Emily on a helicopter ride soaring over Cape Town with gorgeous views of the Cape of Good Hope. Everything seems to be going well until Emily takes Brad by surprise, questioning whether he is really ready to be a father to her daughter. Brad leaves the date totally confused and with the biggest decision of his life facing him.

Brad came back to find love a changed man, ready to open himself up to love as he never had before. Will he complete his search with a proposal? And will the woman say yes?

The Bachelor – Episode 1509

Romantic adventures await Brad and the final three women – Ashley H., Chantal and Emily – as they travel to spectacular South Africa. From a remarkable safari, to a private ride on an elephant, to a picnic high atop majestic cliffs known as “God’s Window,” the dates are filled with passion and excitement, as Brad continues to explore what his future would be like with each of these potential mates. At the end of each evening, Brad will present the bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in a “fantasy suite,” with the hope that she will accept. But will she? It’s a wild, romantic ride with each of the women – until Brad makes a shocking, heart-wrenching decision he thought he would never have to make.

Brad and the bachelorettes settle in at the picture perfect Lion Sands Private Game Reserve in Kruger National Park in Sabi Sand, South Africa. The Bachelor begins his South African journey with an exclusive safari with an excited Chantal, who can’t wait to explore the African wilderness with him. As their jeep powers through the rugged terrain, the couple find themselves up close and personal with remarkable creatures… giraffes, elephants and lions roam freely around them. Later, at an intimate dinner, Chantal wastes no time making her feelings and intentions clear to Brad. Will her passion serve as a cautionary red flag to the Bachelor, or will he throw caution to the wind and offer her the fantasy suite card so that they can spend the night in a romantic tree house in the wild?

The next day Brad fulfills one of Emily’s dreams – a private elephant ride for two. A breathtaking jaunt atop the giant animals brings them to an elephant watering hole, where they stop for a snack. Emily expresses her fears about Brad stepping into the role of an instant father to her beloved daughter. Will he be able to allay her concerns, and will Emily be ready to take the next step with Brad to the fantasy suite, or will she leave him disappointed?

On his final date this week, Brad surprises Ashley H. with an incredible helicopter tour over the magnificent South African landscape. They touch down for a picnic high atop the dazzling cliffs known to the locals as “God’s Window.” The setting might have been romantic, but the conversation turns serious as Brad expresses his concerns over Ashley’s ambitious plans for the future. Later that night, tensions rise between the two as they try to communicate as they once did. Will this once starry-eyed couple be able to reconnect with the help of the fantasy suite card?

The drama starts at the rose ceremony – even before any roses are offered – as Brad asks to speak to one of the women about their overnight date. He is hoping that the intense conversation he has with her will bring the clarity he needs to make this important decision. In one emotional moment, Brad makes a jaw-dropping choice. The Bachelor and the final two women toast to their final destination, Cape Town, South Africa, and the opportunity to meet Brad’s family. But as Brad’s second chance to find love on “The Bachelor” is drawing to a close, the question isn’t only whom will he choose, but will she accept?

The Bachelor – Episode 1508

The stakes are high for Brad as he leaves on an exciting, emotionally charged trip across the country to visit the final four women’s hometowns, but Brad is eager to meet the families of the four bachelorettes and learn more about the women he is falling in love with. His first stop is Seattle, the home of Chantal, the feisty bachelorette who has taken him on an emotional roller coaster ride. He gets to see her more lovable side as she introduces him to her pets. But when he escorts her to her family’s imposing residence, he must win the approval of her father, a former professional football player and self-made businessman. Will Brad impress this intimidating impresario, or will his nerves get the better of him?

Next Brad flies across the country to Madawaska, Maine, where Ashley H. couldn’t be more thrilled to show off where she’s from. Although Ashley has shown Brad her insecure side in the past, here in her hometown she is all smiles and full of energy. Brad is charmed by the quaint town, where the couple picks out lobsters at a local market and shop at an unmanned fruit stand where payment is on the honor system. Later that night, after talking to her proud stepfather, Brad wonders if he might be getting in the way of Ashley’s ambitious career goals. What will he find out from Ashley’s sister, and will it change his mind? It is definitely a topic that he will need to address with her before he thinks about a proposal.

The spookiest hometown date in Bachelor history awaits Brad in Chico, California, where he meets up with Shawntel at the mortuary where she works. She gives Brad a tour before taking him to the embalming room, where she shares the intricacies of the process with him. It may be a little creepy, but Brad gains a newfound respect for this beautiful woman, realizing that her true passion is to provide loving support for grieving families. However, when he meets Shawntel’s family, her father reveals that he plans to have his daughter succeed him as director of the funeral home. Will this stand in the way of either Shawntel or Brad as they pursue a happy ending?

Brad’s final hometown date is with Emily in Charlotte, North Carolina. This sensitive single mom must figure out if she is comfortable enough to introduce Brad to her daughter, who has never met a man Emily has dated. Will Emily be able to take this crucial step, and how will the outcome affect her romance with Brad?

When Brad and the women meet in New York for a dramatic rose ceremony, the Bachelor has a difficult goodbye for one heartbroken bachelorette, but this means he is just that much closer to finding his future wife. With three women remaining, the group heads off for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa.

The Bachelor – Episode 1507

As Brad and the remaining six bachelorettes continue their adventurous trip around the world to the romantic Caribbean island of Anguilla, the pressure is mounting as Brad struggles to decide which four women he will escort home to meet their families, and the bachelorettes fall all over themselves — and Brad — to show their real feelings for him.

After Brad and the bachelorettes settle in at their new luxurious surroundings at the CuisinArt Resort and Spa, the Bachelor swoops in to take Emily on a helicopter tour of the panoramic island scenery. They set down on a deserted island for a romantic dinner, but things turn serious quickly as the talk turns to the upcoming hometown visits and the inevitable issue confronting the couple: whether or not Brad should meet Emily’s daughter. Will the question be answered? And what surprise announcement does Brad have in store for Emily?

The next day, Brad and Shawntel bicycle through the streets of Anguilla, stopping at a farmers market to pick up some local cuisine for a playful picnic. Shawntel makes sure Brad knows how she feels about him and, later, after a romantic beach dinner, Brad surprises the bachelorette with a performance by Anguillan reggae superstar Bankie Banx. The couple hits the dance floor and then they finish the night by sharing a kiss on a moonlit beach.

The other women look on green with envy as Brad takes Britt to a luxury yacht for her first one-on-one date. Things seem to be going swimmingly, but Brad is forced to make an unexpected decision, shocking everyone.

The alarm rings at 2 a.m. for Ashley H., Chantal and Michelle, as Brad wakes them for the unbelievable experience of being photographed for the 2011 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Ashley and Chantal really heat things up, while Michelle insists on posing with Brad for her sexy shoot. But the competition gets a little out of hand and Brad later must comfort the distressed women. One woman calls him out for being disconnected; another shows a side of herself that the Bachelor has never seen. Brad’s choice of who to give the rose to leaves the other two women extremely distressed.

When the women arrive at a gorgeous beachfront villa for the cocktail party, Brad is nowhere to be seen, and the ladies can’t help but wonder what is wrong. Turns out the determined Bachelor has canceled the cocktail party and, at the rose ceremony, he narrows the field to the four lucky bachelorettes who will take him to their hometowns to meet their families.

The Bachelor – Episode 1506

The eight excited women break out their passports to travel to the lush, tropical country of Costa Rica. The stakes are ratcheted up as Chantal gets a second one-on-one date to zipline through the thick jungle. But when rain threatens to dampen their spirits, but will it cool off their passion? Brad escorts six bachelorettes on a challenging date to the middle of the rain forest, where he and the women must rappel down a waterfall. The night turns serious as Brad surprises all the ladies with his rose selection. Then Alli gets her first individual date, but has to face her greatest fear when she and Brad explore a cave together. And Michelle decides to pay the Bachelor an unexpected late night visit in his room… will it be hot – or not? Dramatic revelations at the rose ceremony kick everyone’s emotions into high gear. Only six women will remain on the journey to the romantic Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The women are in awe at the sight of an active volcano in their luxurious Springs Resort and Spa, but they don’t have long to speculate about who gets the first date. Chantal can’t wait for her second one-on-one date with Brad, and the couple take a panoramic helicopter ride through the lush countryside before ziplining through the jungle. Love is in the air – but so is rain. The skies open up and ruin Brad’s plans for a romantic outdoor dinner. Will the rain wash out romance altogether, or will the two heat up the night?

Six competitive bachelorettes meet Brad in the middle of the rain forest for their group date in which they’ll attempt to rappel down a waterfall. Michelle, who has had a rappelling date with Brad, really doesn’t want him sharing that kind of close connection with the other five women. Afterwards, Brad takes the ladies to relax at a romantic hot springs, but things turn serious in a hurry when one woman reveals her tendency to sabotage relationships and another questions Brad’s decision making. However his decision about whom he’ll offer the rose takes all the women by surprise.

Alli gets the last one-on-one date this week. Brad arrives on horseback to take her away for a ride through the Costa Rican countryside. They jump off to explore a 40 million-year-old cave together. Little does Brad know that Alli is terrified of bugs and will be facing her greatest fear inside the cave, where spiders and bats abound. Later that night, Brad tries to dazzle her with a candle-lit dinner, but will sparks fly as Brad hopes, or will he be forced to say good-bye? And still the Bachelor’s night isn’t over… Michelle feels the need for more alone time with Brad and sneaks into his room, much to his surprise. Things start out with a kiss, but how do they end?

Brad is full of mixed emotions about his upcoming decisions. At the cocktail party, the women really let their feelings show. One swooning bachelorette tells Brad she’s fallen in love with him, while Michelle leaves the other bachelorettes in shocked silence when she owns up to making a clandestine visit to Brad’s room the previous night. How will things turn out for both of these ladies? And another woman’s romantic journey ends in tears when she is stunned to be sent home.

However, Brad has the courage of his convictions and the six women left with roses will accompany him to the beautiful, blissful Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The Bachelor – Episode 1505

The eleven remaining bachelorettes leave the mansion and travel to exciting Las Vegas, but two nervous women – Ashley H. and Ashley S. – face the dreaded “two-on-one” date where one of them will be sent home immediately. How will Brad handle making a heartbreaking decision at the end of the night? The Bachelor takes eight competitive ladies out for the ride of their lives at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Shawntel gets a one-on-one date that would be the envy of every woman — an upscale shopping spree, and the sky’s the limit. Then, as an exhausting week comes to an end, Brad must confront the escalating drama that has been building with the bachelorettes all week as he prepares to take eight women around the world with him in his search to find love.

No sooner do the women arrive at their luxury suite at the Aria Resort and Casino than Brad whisks Shawntel away on an unbelievable shopping spree, where everything her heart desires is hers. When she returns to the suite, the rest of the women are green with envy. The date continues with a romantic rooftop dinner, but how will the night end, as Shawntel reveals the unsavory details of her profession…? Will it be fireworks or a deathly thud?

Brad feels the need for some speed and takes eight lucky ladies out for a true NASCAR experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway – the same racetrack where Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Gordon will be racing five weeks from now. Brad hopes to ignite some romance on the track, but when he’s reminded that Emily has a tragic link to the racing world, the romance is sidetracked. Brad puts everything on hold to comfort Emily, but at the after-party emotions are at an all-time high, as some very jealous women seethe with resentment over his partiality to one woman. Will Brad risk the ire of the other ladies and give the rose to Emily, or will he choose to wave the checkered flag for another bachelorette?

The Bachelor must face the difficult task of taking Ashley H. and Ashley S., two women he’s fond of, on the famed two-on-one date, vowing to have fun – even with a painful choice looming at the end of the night. What a surprise Brad has in store for the ladies! They go backstage of the hit show “Viva ELVIS by Cirque du Soleil,” where they discover they’ll be a part of the performance later that night. But there’s a catch: the number they’ll perform is a duet, and Brad will need to decide which woman will stay and perform with him. The tension filled dinner does nothing to make Brad’s decision any easier, as he sends one woman home in tears.

Brad calls on his therapist to help him figure out how to deal with these emotional women. The solution? He’s advised to open up in the face of emotion in order to truly find the love he seeks. At the cocktail party, Brad makes one insecure bachelorette feel special, and connects with another more confident woman who tries to convince him to send some of the women home.

After more tears, eight women remain to begin a worldwide tour with Brad. Next stop… Costa Rica!

The Bachelor – Episode 1504

The drama continues to escalate as 14 fortunate bachelorettes try to stake their claim to Brad’s heart. But the week gets off to a mysterious start when one baffled bachelorette wakes up with a black eye – and has no clue about how she got it. Did she fall while sleep walking or is it just a disturbing ploy to get Brad’s attention? The Bachelor has an underwater fantasy in mind when he takes Chantal on a one-on-one date to beautiful Catalina Island, but the thought of submerging to the ocean floor has the nervous bachelorette wondering if she left her sense of adventure on shore. A group of the ladies have one of the most revealing dates of the season as they join Brad as guests on an emotional radio show where secrets are uncovered about the women’s love lives. And the bruised Michelle finds out she must take a courageous leap of faith with Brad or risk falling from his favor. Finally, Emily becomes the target of fiery jealousy among the women when Brad offers her a special picnic right before the rose ceremony.

A thrilled Chantal was the recipient of the first individual date, but little did she know that the date card message –“How deep is your love?” – would be actually be a nightmare for her. Arriving with Brad by helicopter to Catalina Island, she discovers that they’ll be donning wet suits and diver helmets and plunging to the ocean floor for the scenic stroll of a lifetime. However, it turns out that Chantal has a phobia about water. Will this normally self-assured bachelorette conquer her fear with Brad, or will her chance for romance be lost at sea?

The next day Brad takes nine lucky women on a date they won’t soon forget. They arrive at a radio station where they discover they’ll be guests on “Loveline” with Dr. Drew & Psycho Mike, the famed talk show where the hosts dig deep into matters of the heart. In the revealing session, one woman discloses a shocking secret that could jeopardize her relationship with Brad. The intense drama continues at the after party where another bachelorette melts down when she thinks her connection to the Bachelor is fading. However, a reserved woman finally opens up to Brad about her feelings for him, which might boost her chances of getting a rose.

The following day Brad picks up his “black-eyed” date, Michelle, for their one-on-one date, but she seethes with resentment when Brad takes time away from her to first reassure one sensitive woman that their connection is real. Michelle is infuriated that she is losing time with Brad because some other bachelorette can’t keep her emotions in check. But finally Brad whisks Michelle away in a helicopter to the top of a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. Once he reveals that they will be rappelling down the side of the building, Michelle grows weak in the knees. Can she overcome her fear of heights and take a real leap of faith with Brad, or will she fall from grace?

Brad is overwhelmed by all the connections he is feeling with a number of women and consults his therapist, who assures Brad that he owes it to himself – as well as to the women – to explore the bonds he is forming with them. Heeding his therapist’s advice, Brad pulls out the delighted Emily for a surprise picnic in front of the mansion during the cocktail reception, causing a massive outpouring of envy and resentment from the other women and bringing one to tears.

After a tense rose ceremony, 11 women remain to begin the fabulous worldwide travel with Brad. The first stop is Las Vegas.

The Bachelor – Episode 1503

Tensions are already mounting among the 17 remaining bachelorettes and resentment runs high when it’s revealed there’ll be two special one-on-one dates – each with a rose at stake – and a group date. And once again, some women will not get a date at all. Ashley S. gets to duet with Brad at the famed Capitol Records studio when a surprise visit by superstar recording artist Seal makes this a once-in-a-lifetime date. Then Brad gets down and dirty with 12 very competitive bachelorettes when they shoot their own action adventure movie, as they battle to become his leading lady. Emily, the sweet, single mom, is chosen for the week’s final individual date, but will she be able to reveal her tragic past to Brad? An emotional Bachelor makes some personal inroads with the help of his therapist, letting him be more vulnerable with the women. However, one mysterious bachelorette makes a stunning departure that throws Brad for a loop and leaves the women in shock.

Ashley S. is invited to find her “love song” with Brad as the couple visits the iconic Capitol Records building where so many legendary singers like Frank Sinatra have recorded their hits. Brad tells Ashley that they’ll be crooning a tune of their own. Little does he know that the song he has chosen – Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”—holds significant meaning in his date’s life. Ashley is emotional enough, but when Seal himself appears, it’s a moment she will never forget. But will this vulnerable bachelorette conquer her fears and make beautiful music with Brad, or will the singing and romance be totally off key?

Twelve bachelorettes get ready for their close-up as Brad takes them to shoot their own action adventure movie. The competition is fierce, but only one woman can be his screen co-star. When an especially playful bachelorette gets physical with Brad, jealousy reigns. Later he escorts the women to a spectacular rooftop after-party where he finally discovers a softer side to one tough lady. One determined bachelorette locks lips with Brad – stopping at nothing to secure herself a rose.

Emily has the final one-on-one date with Brad, but anxiety soon overrides her excitement as she realizes she has to reveal her tragic history to Brad on the date. The majestic California hills of the wine country serve as a perfect backdrop for a day of romance. But will this reserved bachelorette open up? And if she refuses, will Brad send her home without a rose?

Brad handles a tough but exciting week of dates, but feels he would like to talk to the therapist he has seen for the last three years in order to sort out his feelings. He wants to make sure that his past Bachelor experience doesn’t repeat itself. He discovers with his therapist’s help that he should be more open for the women to feel more comfortable with him. Brad puts the advice to good use at the cocktail party and it works like a charm. But just when everything seems to be going his way, one enigmatic bachelorette makes a startling departure that leaves Brad reeling and jolts the women. Only 14 women remain at the end of the night to continue on the fairytale journey.

The Bachelor – Episode 1502

The 20 remaining bachelorettes move into their luxurious Malibu mansion and the fairy tale begins. Two lucky women will get fabulous one-on-one dates: Brad escorts one bachelorette on a fantasy date which culminates at the Hollywood Bowl, where they will be serenaded by the chartbusting band Train. The other individual date finds Brad and another stunning woman on an incredibly romantic date to a private carnival. The group date will give 15 women a chance show Brad another side of their personality as they shoot public service announcements (PSA) for the American Red Cross, but it turns into a steamy face-off between some of the ladies. However, some of the bachelorettes will not have a date at all before the next rose ceremony, encouraging them to aggressively steal any time they can with Brad.

Brad whisks away Ashley H., his stunning date for the evening, to a deserted dirt road leading to a mysterious dark wooded area. A large electrical switch appears out of nowhere and, once the couple flip it on, a magical private carnival lights up. They excitedly run through the maze of games and rides like two kids. The date takes a more intimate turn when Ashley H. tells Brad about her estranged relationship with her father. Encouraged by the woman’s openness, Brad shares his own painful story of his absentee father. Their connection is palpable. One last ride on the Ferris wheel turns into a passionate first kiss of the season.

The next day the first group date of the season features Brad and 15 excited, gorgeous women. Michelle is already annoyed that she has to share Brad with 14 other women on what will be her 30th birthday. Brad reveals that they will be filming PSAs to remind people about the importance of donating blood through the American Red Cross and encouraging the country to participate in January’s National Blood Donor Month. However jealousy rears its ugly head when Brad kisses several of the ladies. In fact, Melissa annoys the others when she rudely interrupts the filming to steal a kiss with the handsome Bachelor. But when Brad shoots a particularly provocative scene with two sexy bachelorettes, Michelle loses her cool and storms out. The drama increases at a rooftop pool after-party. Can these emotional women control themselves in order to get a rose from Brad?

Jackie is chosen for a fantasy date that is the envy of the other women. Brad surprises her at a luxurious Beverly Hills hotel with an incredible array of gowns, shoes and jewels for her to choose from. Later the couple shares an intimate dinner at the Hollywood Bowl, which is followed by a private concert by the hit band Train. Romance seems to be in the air… But when Jackie reveals a troubling relationship history, will Brad decide to give her a rose?

At the stressful and dramatic cocktail party, the drama erupts again as two women face off in a verbal battle for the ages. Brad attempts to comfort each woman in the middle of the snarling catfight, but then Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez arrive to help him get to the bottom of the situation and to find out who is there for the right reasons. The engaged couple single out one woman to whom Brad offers a rose to before the ceremony. At the end of the night, only 17 women will remain in the chase for Brad’s heart.