DeAnna’s Rose Recap: Bachelor Pad Episode 5

DeAnna and Nicole give us the inside scoop on the Nearlywed Game in this week’s episode.


  1. Marry me Michael!

    Comment by Angela Jean — September 8, 2011 @ 10:04 pm

  2. Deanna?

    Get a life. You and Holly are beyond disgusting. Maybe Mike is disgusting too. It’s all just a TV show? Most of us don’t find any of this entertaining. You act like a bunch of idiots. Anything for fame and money, right? What sad pathetic people you are and what sad and pathetic lives. Good luck to you. I am done with this franchise.

    Comment by Amazed — September 17, 2011 @ 12:50 pm

  3. Deanna,

    The idiocy to which this franchise sinks in unbelievable. While it may be a ratings juggernaut for ABC, I can’t help but wonder about the integrity/reputation they have lost in the process. ABC used to be associated with the family-friendly Disney. Now this.

    You may be right that Michael wrote down “Blake.” However that representation flies in the face of what we saw on the series and heard from Michael — namely that Holly was making out with him (Mike) throughout the duration of filming and that Blake was reassuring him that their relationship was only strategic and platonic.

    In this circumstance, why would a man write down another man’s name. WHy would he be making out with a woman whom he believes wants to sleep with someone else there? How pathetic and lacking in self esteem would you have us believe Mike is?

    As you said, it’s all a TV show. That’s the problem, Deanna. You already have a serious integrity problems and have established a reptuation for not being honest or upstanding. Why would anyone believe anything you have to say at this point? Did you make this video to clear Holly’s name (help her publicity) and are willing to lie because “it’s just a TV show?” or did what you say really happen?

    THe problem with developing a reputation for being a liar is that few people believe you even when you are telling the truth. TO be honest, you simply are not credible.

    If this did in deed happen — I would be inclined to believe it coming from Michael, who claimed to have been “blind sighted.”

    I would also strong advise Holly to stay away from you. You have been a terrible role model for her. You have come a long way from blubbering and whining on Brad’s season to being the unrestrained fame whore you are today.

    I have absolutely no respect for you nor do I believe anything you have to say at this point. This is just a TV show and you are in this for the publicity and trying to do damage control to spare Holly’s reputation since she is your good friend and partner in slime. I have news for you: it’s too little too late.

    Both of you are a disgrace to womankind.

    The end.

    Comment by Please — September 17, 2011 @ 1:09 pm

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