Ryan before Men Tell All


  1. RYAN P. for the next bachelor, good looking and very successful, good attitude and very nice.

    Comment by dyne — July 31, 2011 @ 2:50 pm

  2. He is a phoney. I think he used this opportunity to promote his business and get on TV.

    Comment by Margaret M — August 2, 2011 @ 3:51 am

  3. i think that ryan deserves a chance in finding tru love with a n awesome lady God ryan and find true love.I voteyou for the next bachelor

    Comment by pj — August 2, 2011 @ 10:07 am

  4. Ryan!!! I think you’re soo sexy, successful, and genuine. :) You are the sweetest guy!

    Comment by Amy — August 2, 2011 @ 8:54 pm

  5. Ryan, I think you are a great guy, I wish you the best and I also wish you lived in Idaho. I think you are the sweetest guy and I don’t think you used anything on the Bachelorette to promote. I think you are cute and I love your attitude!!!!!

    Comment by Karen — August 2, 2011 @ 11:56 pm

  6. Hey Ryan, I think you are an awesome guy!! You are full of life and positive energy!! You make me smile when you smile. You have such a wonderful outlook on love and life and I think that you are truely one in a million. I wish you lived in Canada…maybe you should come and visit Ontario and see if there are any cute, fun, outgoing, single women here who would appreciate a wonderful man such as yourself!…Hint Hint…me;) No need for you to be the next Bachelore!

    Comment by Susie — August 3, 2011 @ 2:34 am

  7. Oopsy sorry for the typo above…*Bachelor*

    Comment by Susie — August 3, 2011 @ 2:36 am

  8. He should come to Winnipeg instead of Ontario!! lol

    Comment by Tara — August 10, 2011 @ 7:45 pm

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